Kyra Comfort Stirrups


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KYRA Comfort Stirrups Download The Kyra Stirrups Catalogue KYRA COMFORT™ Stirrups improve upon all other versions of boot-style stirrups in ways that directly benefit your patient and your staff. The…

Kyra Clean Stirrups

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Kyra Stirrup ModelWaterproof PadsSecure-Lok StrapsIntegral ClampsWeight CapacityStirrup WeightProduct Number Kyra Clean 350 Yes Yes No 350 lbs/159 kg 13.2 lbs/5.9 kg 470-1330-0158 Kyra Clean 350 Yes Yes Yes 350 lbs/159…

Kyra Clean™ Catcher Drainage System

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…of 10 420-0000-0212 Kyra Clean Catcher Stirrup Adaptor (Round) Pair of two 420-0000-0213 Kyra Clean Catcher Stirrup Adaptor (Flat) Pair of two 420-0000-0214 Kyra Clean Catcher Adaptor (Yellofins™) Pair of…

Kyra Purple Stirrup Cart

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KYRA Purple Stirrup Cart

KYRA Purple Stirrup Cart Protect your stirrups with a trusted solution. The Kyra Purple Stirrup Cart cannot only carry and protect all the Kyra stirrup families, but Kyra has also…

Kyra 400 — Non-finned Stirrup

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KYRA 400 — Non-finned Stirrup The KYRA 400 or “KYRA Blue” is a stirrup designed for customers that prefer a nonfinned boot. It can support patients up to a 400…

Kyra Curve Spine Frame

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Radiolucent Frame

Kyra Curve Spine Frame   The Kyra Curve Radiolucent Frame provides maximum lordosis for Laminectomy, Decompression, Disc Surgery and Microdiscectomy procedures. The Kyra Curve has a class-leading weight capacity of…

Kyra 250 Junior Stirrup

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KYRA 250 Junior Stirrup The KYRA 250 is a junior stirrup designed for patients aged 6-12 years old but also effective in smaller/lighter adults weighing up to 250 lbs/113 kg….