Mission, Vision & Values

At Meditek, we’re “Here for L.I.F.E.”
It’s the foundation of all that we do: showing Leadership in medical products and services; bringing Innovation to our customers, and keeping Focused on what we do well so that we can bring Excellence to everything we do here.

Our Mission

To create more desirable working environments for our clients by genuinely caring for each customer, while providing unique, individualized and superior solutions. This will be accomplished as we continuously invest in our staff and develop the skills of our champion team.

Our Vision

To provide problem free operating environments, which allow our customers to focus on delivering the patient care they are passionate about providing.

Our Values


We will maintain a business environment that is clean and exceptionally organized, increasing our customers’ desire to do business with us.


We remain disciplined and structured, showcasing consistently high performance in every facet of our business. The culture of Meditek is “we are ahead” and timeliness is a norm.


Always improving the working conditions for our staff and developing them as individuals and a team; allowing us to reach out, provide our customers with problem free operating environments, and thereby improve their own lives and the precious lives they care for.


Never accepting anything less than impeccable work that is always accurate. This is achieved by accountability, exceptional attentiveness to our customers and the means by which we diligently serve them, and individually taking ownership of what we do.


Taking time out to celebrate the small successes that chart the road we are travelling and rewarding our staff well.


Meditek will be a profitable corporation by providing unique, individualized and superior solutions to our clients. This will be accomplished by focusing on our strategic objectives and caring for our clients through continuously developing the skills of our championship team.


Characteristically and fundamentally be recognized as honest trust-able persons guided by the highest levels of ethical behavior.


Reaching out to others to provide help and being known for a willing spirit that errs on the side of generosity.