Armboards Video Overview

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Video Transcript:

Hey thanks for joining us today. My name is Drew Samuels.

We wanted to give a quick introduction to our standard I.V. armboard.

It’s the typical lightweight armboard with a release mechanism for the adjustment along with the bracket that attaches the unit to the table. It also has a gravity actuated droplock that holds the armboard to the table. So for attaching the unit to the table, simply position the armboard overtop of the rail and allow it to fall into place. To position the armboard, disengage the release mechanism, and it will allow you to rotate 90 degrees in either direction.

The armboard is available with either a two inch, three inch, or four inch cushion. And then simply remove the armboard by lifting up on the droplock mechanism, and lift up on the end of the unit and it simply detaches.

Thanks very much.

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