Meditek Bariatric Surgical Table Side Extensions Video Overview

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Video Transcripts:

Hey thanks for joining us today. My name is Drew Samuels, and we wanted to speak briefly about bariatric side extensions.

The one we’re going to show in this clip is specific to Skytron. It has a release mechanism as you can see actuating here to allow it to attach. And this particular unit is universal to either the leg seat section or back section. And typically you would use one per side. So with it released you simply place it over the side rail, line it up with the side rail spacers, and allow it to fall into place and release the release mechanism.

Each side extension has a rail that we can use for placing any sort of side rail attachment clamp on to. They are purchased individually which you can get cushions with them also in one, two, three, or four inch thicknesses.

You also can get generic side extensions for the other brand of tables. This is specifically Skytron.

Thanks very much for watching.

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