Best Imaging Surgery Table Manufacturers in Canada

Imaging Surgery Table

Fluoroscopy and C-Arm Table Brands and Models

Improvements in imaging technology and integration in the last decade have resulted in the emergence of better and more specialty imaging surgery tables.

With the playing field getting a little more crowded every year, sometimes it’s hard to ‘clearly see’ of all the options available.

The goal of this article is to identify the best and most popular imaging surgery table manufacturers in Canada. Imaging tables can also be called fluoroscopy or C-Arm tables.

Please keep in mind that there may be more manufacturers and brands out there that are not listed in this article, but we are going off market share, market research and our own experience with selling surgical tables since 1981.

To keep this list as targeted as possible, only medical imaging tables with top slide and/or tabletop rotation will be included.

Order in which manufacturers appear is random.


Biodex imaging table
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. has been in the imaging manufacturing game for over 60 years.

Located in New York, Biodex designs and manufactures equipment in their 12,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility.

Biodex offers the following imaging tables:

  • Surgical C-Arm Table 840
  • Surgical C-Arm Table 846
  • Pain Management C-Arm Table 870
  • Urology C-Arm Table 800
  • Brachytherapy C-Arm Table 810
  • 3D Imaging C-Arm Table 820
  • Fixed Height Surgical C-Arm Table

*Please note that all Biodex tables have a lift capacity of 500 lbs.


Skytron 3003 imaging table
Privately owned and founded in 1972, Skytron started out with its first product being an innovative surgical light that surgeons could change focus settings.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Skytron’s mission is “to provide clinically superior equipment for our healthcare customers. By listening closely to our customers and working as one team with our distribution and manufacturing partners, we provide quality solutions with lower life-cycle costs. Our objective is long-term relationships with our customers, business partners and employees. We focus on quality performance with integrity to reach that goal, from the products we sell, to each and every service we provide.”

Skytron offers the following imaging tables:

  • 3003 Impulse (500 lbs lift capacity)
  • 3502 EZ Slide (700 lbs lift capacity)
  • 3602 Ultraslide (1,000 lbs lift capacity)
  • 1602 Essentia (500 lbs lift capacity)
  • 6702 Hercules (1,200 lbs lift capacity)
  • 6302 Elite (1,000 lbs lift capacity)

Mizuho OSI

Mizuho allegro Imaging Table
Founded in 1972 in Hayward, California, Orthopedics Systems, Inc. (OSI) started out by manufacturing orthopaedic products.

OSI introduced the first carbon fiber composite surgery table in 1992.

Mizuho Ikakogyo Co., Ltd. acquired OSI in 2002, becoming Mizuho OSI.

Mizuho OSI mission statement is “to understand the needs, and exceed expectations of our global healthcare customers.  We provide innovative solutions, enhancing patient outcomes, through investment in our people, processes and services.”

Mizuho OSI offers the following imaging tables:

  • ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table (500 lbs lift capacity)
  • Insite® (450 lbs lift capacity)
  • Allegro® (450 lbs lift capacity)

Arcoma (Medstone)

Arcoma imaging table
Forty years of combined experience came together in 2010 through the merger of digital radiography (DR) manufacturer IMIX ADR Ltd and medical radiology system and subsystem developer, Arcoma AB.

A 50,000 square foot facility in Växjö, Sweden is where Aroma manufactures its products.

Arcoma offers the following imaging tables:

  • Medstone Elite Series
  • Medstone Precision Series

Weight limits for the Elite and Precision Series varies from 500 lbs to 750 lbs depending on tabletop option.

Oakworks Medical

Oakworks Medical imaging table
Oakworks Medical employs nearly 200 people at its Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, facility.

Starting out in 1977, Oakworks Medical’s first product was a massage table.

Oakwood Medical offers the following imaging tables:

  • CFPM400 (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • CFPM401 (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • CFPM300 (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • CFPM301 (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • CFPMB301 (lift capacity 750 lbs)
  • CFPM100 (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • CFPMFXH (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • DTPM300 (lift capacity 450 lbs)

Please note that some of the aforementioned tables have integrated headrest and rectangular top versions.

Schaerer Medical USA, Inc

Schaerer 7300 imaging table
Founded in 1892 by Maurice Schaerer, Schaerer Medical USA “provides precision general and specialty surgical tables and accessories to the USA and Canada.”

Schaerer developed the first mobile surgical table in 1912.

In 1957, Schaerer introduces the first radiolucent surgical table, the Nova X-Ray,

Schaerer Medical USA offers the following imaging tables:

  • Schaerer® 7300 (lift capacity 500 lbs)
  • Schaerer® Arcus (lift capacity 1100 lbs)
  • Stille imagiQ2 (lift capacity 496 lbs)


Steris imaging table
Founded in 1985 as Innovative Medical Technologies, but renamed Steris Corporation in 1987, this company’s history dates back to 1894.

Located in Mentor, Ohio, Steris provides medical equipment for infection prevention, decontamination, and surgical and critical care.

Steris offers the following imaging tables:

  • SurgiGraphic 6000 Image Guided Surgical Table (500 lbs lift capacity)
  • SurgiGraphic 1027 Image Guided Surgical Table (500 lbs lift capacity)
  • Steris 4085 (1100 lbs lift capacity)
  • Steris 5085 (1200 lbs* lift capacity)
  • Steris 5085 SRT (1200 lbs* lift capacity)


Maquet Magnus
Beginning in Germany in 1838, Maquet is now a part of the Getinge Group (as of the year 2000).

The Maquet name is synonymous with innovative products, such as the first ever motorized surgical table.

Maquet offers the following imaging tables:

  • Magnus (838 lbs lift capacity)
  • Heidelberg 1130 (300 lbs lift capacity)
  • Meera 7200 (1000 lbs lift capacity)
  • AlphaMaxx 1133 (800 lbs lift capacity)

Trumpf Medical

Mars OR Table
Trumpf Medical has had many innovations since its conception including the installation of the first ceiling- mounted supply units in 1978.

Now a part of Hill-Rom® since 2014, Trumpf Medical manufactures OR tables, patient transport systems and a broad range of ceiling-mounted power supply units at its production site in Saalfeld, Thuringia.

Trumpf Medical offers the following imaging tables:

  • TruSystem™ 7500 (lift capacity 793/880 lbs)
  • TruSystem™ 7500 SensorLine (lift capacity 793/880 lbs)
  • TruSystem™ 7500 Hybrid (lift capacity 793/880 lbs)
  • TruSystem™ 7000 (lift capacity 1000 lbs)
  • MARS™ OR Table (lift capacity 1000 lbs)
  • SATURN™ Select OR Table (lift capacity 496 lbs)


Stryker imaging table
Started by Dr. Homer Stryker in 1941, the Orthopedic Frame Company’s goal was to “help patients lead healthier, more active lives through products and services that make surgery and recovery simpler, faster and more effective.”

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Orthopedic Frame Company was renamed to Stryker in 1964.

Stryker offers the following imaging tables:

  • OPERON D860 Surgical Table (1250 lbs lift capacity)
  • OPERON D830 Surgical Table (1000 lbs lift capacity)


As you can see, there are many fluoroscopy-imaging manufacturers in the market.

Please keep in mind that some of these tables may be general surgery tables with adaptive imaging hardware. Being a popular choice, as opposed to just a stand-along C-Arm imaging table, we added them to the list.

If you have any questions about imaging and fluoroscopy tables, please contact one of our product specialists at 1.800.567.8400.

Additional Resources

Meditek has supplied surgical tables to the Canadian healthcare market since 1981.

We supply Biodex and Skytron imaging tables, in addition to other brands under our ReNew remanufacturing program.

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