Meditek Clark Sockets Video Overview

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Video Transcript:

Hey, thanks for joining us today. My name is Drew Samuels.

What we wanted to do is do a quick introduction to various clamps that are used throughout an O.R. This one here is called a Clark Socket. It’s well-known throughout the industry. This one here is sold stainless steel, built for and designed for longevity. To attach it to the table, simply locate the two grooves on the side rail and drop it into place. Open the clamp up and then that will allow you to insert your accessory through this hole and then just simply tighten it. Once it’s tight, you have a firm working surface to move forward from. To loosen it, undo the handle. That will allow you to move laterally, as well as rotate your device for better site access.

And that’s basically all you need to know about the Clark Socket.

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