Comparison of Meditek ReNew and new Steris 3085

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Video Transcript:

Hello everybody it’s Chris Samuels from Meditek. Just wanted to take a couple of minutes today have the unique opportunity of having a brand new Steris 3085 surgical table here at our facility. It has not even come off of the skid yet. It’s that brand new; hasn’t even finished being uncrated. And while we have the table wanted to take a few minutes to line this table up next to a 3085 surgical table that has gone through Meditek’s remanufacturing process just to demonstrate the fact that the remanufactured surgical tables are exactly equivalent to purchasing a brand new surgical table.

Common perception can be that remanufacturing is second rate to brand new. I understand that completely. If I was a consumer was purchasing something I would feel that same way myself. And so I want to use this opportunity just to show you how thorough are Meditek’s ReNew processes.

So here we are we’ve uncrated the table now and we’ve pulled out one of our tables to pull up alongside of it. This is one of the tables that’s completed at our ReNew process. And as you can see pretty hard to tell the difference as to which table is the one that is brand new which one has been remanufactured. In fact the only way you could tell at this point is that we have not attached the Velcro to this table yet. And so that’s how we can see that this is the table that’s completed Meditek’s ReNew process. This here on my left is the new table. But it’s easy for anybody to make a table look good on the surface: clean up the stainless, repaint it.
The ultimate test is what the table looks like inside. And so for the next step but what I want to do is lift the covers on these tables and we’re going to show you the inside of what a Meditek remanufactured surgical table looks like because that’s what really matters. That’s where the table is working from. So let’s take a look.

All right so we’re back at the tables now we’ve had the opportunity to take the covers off so that we can show you really the most exciting part of remanufacturing; show you inside a remanufactured table. And as you can see visually and functionally there is no difference between these two tables. We’ll give you some close up views here of the different areas of the table. But what you’re seeing here everything comes out of this table when we remanufacture a table and it gets stripped down and is rebuilt right from the ground up. So everything is back to as-new condition.

One of the things we commonly see on tables, and even when they are brand new in mass manufactured, that we get a lot of play in the tabletop of the table so you can see this one’s even quite loose. I’m able to wiggle it quite significantly with a lot of pressure. That’s a common problem. When we rebuild tables we return them back to actually better than new through what we do. And as you can see here on this table this is really solid.

There is no movement in this tabletop. So you can be assured that when you purchase ReNew equipment from Meditek you are really getting something that is excellently built. And what I would like to just reinforce as well that are two year parts and labour warranty means we have to go to this level of work. We have to take this table apart. We have to be 100 percent confident that we’ve rebuilt it to that new condition.

So thanks very much we’re going to go ahead and put these tables back together now.

So here we are with the two tables back together again. Hope you found this informative session to show you just how thorough the Meditek ReNew process is for returning equipment to new condition. That is what remanufacturing is about. It’s the expectation that the equipment will perform to the original expectations and we ensure that because we’re giving this equipment a two year parts and labour warranty. We want to ensure that’s the case and have many customers who you know do one surgical table and then they go on and do multiple surgical tables. The cost savings speak for themselves.

Would also like to just mention that this is not just unique to any one brand of surgical tables. We do we do Maquet tables, Skytron¬† table, Berchtold. You name it we can do it and we work on old general surgical tables. So hopefully it helps you to see what’s possible to do with your surgical tables.

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