Comprehensive Review of the Most Popular Transport Stretchers in Canada

QA3 Patient Transport Stretcher

As a distributor of new patient transport stretchers for Techlem and the QA3 from Anetic Aid, as well as a remanufacturer of stretchers from other brands, it’s our business to know the ins and outs of what stretchers offer in terms of technical specs and features.

That way, we can make sure you’re getting the best fit financially and functionally.

Sometimes it can be hard to find all the relevant stretchers and compare the technical specs by having to switch from tab to tab in your internet browser while trying to remember what you just read.

So, as a part of our corporate philosophy and commitment to be your medical equipment resource, we’ve decided to put together this article outlining the technical specs of the most popular transport stretchers in Canada.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row]

Amico Transport Stretchers

The Amico Titan Stretcher features a centric pedal on each side of the stretcher, where one raises the stretcher, and the other either lowers or sets the stretcher in Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg position. It incorporates a similar design to others in that there are two columns, similar braking positioning, and side rails.

Standard features include:

  • Fifth wheel steering
  • Radiolucent fowler section
  • Fold-down side rails with bumper
  • Dual brake pedals
  • Central brake
  • Adjustable fowler section
  • Adjustable knee section
  • Roller bumpers
  • Storage area for two oxygen E-cylinder tanks and belongings in the base

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 21” to 33”
Weight capacity 550 lbs
Overall length 84.5″
Overall width 33″

Amico Patient Transport Stretcher

Anetic Aid – QA3 Transport Stretchers

The QA3 stretcher, distributed exclusively in Canada by Meditek, features all brake access from literally anywhere on the stretcher.

Adding to its uniqueness, you can put the stretcher into Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg from a head-end lever so that you never have to leave the patient’s head in order to activate it. Compounding the importance of this feature is that you can activate it from any height position.

Standard features include:

  • Lowest height stretcher on the market
  • Single pedestal design
  • Industry-leading weight capacity (for a true transport stretcher)
  • Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg can be operated instantly at any height
  • Zero gap side rails
  • Precision turning with retractable fifth wheel
  • All brakes accessible from any point on the stretcher
  • Storage area for cylinder tanks
  • Fixed I.V. pole
  • Patient utility trays
  • Rotating buffers
  • Anti-bacterial properties on smooth moulded surfaces
  • Center column patient support

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 18.75” to 30.5” (excluding mattress)
Weight capacity 705 lbs
Overall length 84.65″
Overall width 29.3″

Anetic Aid has an emergency stretcher version, the QA3 X-Ray. While a hybrid of a transport/emergency stretcher, we will include it in this article as it is still relevant.

Standard features include:

  • X-ray translucent platform
  • Medirail
  • K8 pressure care mattress
  • Anti-bacterial properties on smooth moulded surfaces
  • Single bar braking system
  • 2 fixed transfusion poles
  • Gas-assisted backrest
  • Fifth-wheel
  • Integrated, fold-away handles
  • Storage area for cylinder tanks
  • Zero gap side rails
  • Center column patient support
  • Patient utility trays
  • Rotating buffers

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 21” to 32.9” (excluding mattress)
Weight capacity 705 lbs
Overall length 83.9″
Overall width 29.3″

QA3 patient Transport stretcher

Stryker Transport Stretchers

The Stryker Prime Series transport stretchers come in three variations for mobility: Zoom Motorized Drive, Big Wheel, and Fifth Wheel. Meaning as it sounds; the zoom drive (model 1125) almost eliminates the need for physical force to push the stretcher. The big wheel (model 1115) reduces start up pushing force by up to 50%, and the fifth wheel (model 1105), as it does, helps steer the stretcher straight.

Standard features include:

  • Three mobility options:
    • Motorized drive system (Zoom)
    • Big Wheel
    • Retractable fifth wheel
  • Patient controls with lockout capability
  • Zero gap side rails
  • Electric lift
  • Exit system that alerts staff when a patient is exiting the stretcher
  • Integrated utility tray
  • Oxygen bottle holder on the litter
  • Integrated transfer board
  • Center-locking brake system with dual end activators
  • 4 integrated IV receptacles
  • Dual end brake/steer controls

Technical specifications sneak peek:

1105 and 1115 1125
Height range 20.75″ to 34″ 23″ to 34″
Weight capacity 700 lbs
Overall length 85″ 86”
Overall width 34″

*Based on the 26” litter option. Download the Transport Stretcher Technical Specification Comparison at the end of this article to get the specs for the 30” litter option.

Stryker Prime Series Transport Stretcher

Hill-Rom® Transport Stretchers

Aesthetically similar to Stryker stretchers, the Hill-Rom® transport stretcher encompasses an economic design. Hill-Rom® is another widely known stretcher manufacturer, with significant market share alongside Stryker

Hill-Rom®’s transport stretcher, as with the Stryker Prime stretcher, comes in two litter options – 26” or 30”. The Steering Plus™ System provides spring-loaded shocks that absorb shock of driving over bumps and thresholds.

Standard features include:

  • Full perimeter bumpers
  • 3/4″ standard IV pole sockets
  • Hi/lo hydraulic control pedals on both sides
  • Head/foot brake and steer capability
  • Fifth wheel
  • Spring-loaded Steering Plus™ system
  • Power washable

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 20.7″ to 34.25″
Weight capacity 700 lbs
Overall length 83″
Overall width 32″ or 36″

Hill-Rom Patient Transport Stretcher

Techlem Transport Stretchers

Techlem transport stretchers, distributed by Meditek in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, offer a main transport stretcher – the Premier Series 5000.

Standard features include:

  • Techlem “Posi-Lock” braking system
  • Four corner access brake / steer pedals
  • All surface, four wheel locking casters
  • Techlem “Accu-Steer” fifth wheel steering
  • Zero clearance, full length side rails
  • Side rail release at head & foot end
  • Hands free Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
  • Pneumatic assist head section
  • Wraparound bumper

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 22″ to 35.5″
Weight capacity 500 lbs
Overall length 81″
Overall width 32.5″

Techlem Transport Stretcher

Pedigo Transport Stretchers

The Pedigo transport stretchers have a single column, similar to the QA3. Available in several different models, Pedigo has two main transport stretchers – the 5400 Series and the 7500 series.

The Pedigo 5400 Series universal transport stretcher comes in a narrow or wider option. This hydraulic stretcher also has fold down side rails resulting in zero transfer gap.

Standard features include:

  • True Direction Steering (TDS), where one wheel locks in place
  • Center column patient support
  • Pneumatic assist fowler 400 N (90#) force
  • Four corner IV pole receptacles
  • Full PVC perimeter bumper
  • Zero transfer gap with folding side rails

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 23″ to 32.75″
Weight capacity 500 lbs
Overall length 83″
Overall width 29.5″ or 33.5″


Even though this article focuses on true general transport stretchers, the 7500 heavier duty stretcher is really a hybrid trauma/transport stretcher, but we will include it all the same.

Standard features include:

  • Instant steer 6 wheel steering (IS6)
  • Integrated push/pull handles
  • Ouick-release O2 tank holder
  • Pneumatic assist fowler (600 N 135# force)
  • Dual side-mounted hydraulic foot pedals
  • Four corner IV pole receptacles
  • PVC perimeter bumper
  • Latex free

Technical specifications sneak peek:

Height range 23″ to 32.75″
Weight capacity 750 lbs
Overall length 83″
Overall width 29.5″ or 33.5″

Pedigo Transport Stretcher


That about sums it up for the major transport stretchers, but keep in mind that there are many other stretchers on the market.

Stryker and Hill-Rom definitely have the most name recognition, due largely to the mass quantity that they have out there and the length of time in the stretcher business.

It’s important to note that technical specifications are not always the be all/end all. There’s a lot more to consider, such as:

However, if you have specific needs then it’s best to start with the specifications. For example, if you’re in a children’s hospital, you might want to go with the lowest height stretcher that has encloses the patient on all sides.

By downloading the general transport stretcher technical specification comparison of the most popular stretchers on the Canadian medical market, you can have all those specs right in front of you.

Additional Resources

Meditek is the exclusive Canadian distributor for QA3 transport stretchers. The QA3 stretcher claims more than a few industry-leading qualities, such as lowest height, highest weight capacity (for a true transport stretcher), and the only stretcher where you can activate trendelenburg (or reverse) from any height.

Meditek is also the Manitoba and Saskatchewan distributor for Techlem stretchers.

Meditek also offers remanufactured or refurbished stretchers for all makes and models. The ReNew remanufacturing program has been in place since 1981. Every ReNew product comes with a two year, parts and labour warranty.


Comprehensive Review of the Most Popular Transport Stretchers in Canada


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