Cost of Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups: Prices & Options


What’s in a name? Allen Medical Yellofins®: 

(Yellofins® is a registered trademark belonging to Allen Medical Systems, Inc.)

Where does the ‘fins’ in Yellofins® come from?

The lateral side of the boot is extended and has padding inside. This is referred to as the “lateral fin”.

The objective of the lateral fin is to protect and cover the head of the fibula and the peroneal nerve.

The boot is designed to minimize pressure on the calf by self-adjusting when moving the stirrup, while the pad fully encapsulates the foot.
Allen Medical Yellofins®

Options for Servicing or Purchasing Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups

Basically, there are four options that will dictate the costs associated with servicing or purchasing lithotomy stirrups.

  1. Servicing
  2. Remanufacturing your existing pair
  3. Buy remanufactured
  4. Buy new



Servicing Stirrups

If you already own a pair of, you can always service them anytime something is not working exactly as it should be.

While cheaper in the moment, depending on the age and condition of your stirrups, this may be a temporary fix solution.

If your lithotomy stirrups are older, they may continue to break down in the future, possibly at a very inconvenient time.

Remanufacture Your Existing Stirrups

The cheapest option of permanently fixing any issues with your Allen Medical Yellofins® stirrups is remanufacturing them.

Typically a process that takes around two to three weeks, remanufacturing gives you the stirrups back in as-new condition, using OEM parts.

Buy Remanufactured Lithotomy Stirrups

Maybe you don’t have any stirrups, and you’re looking to get a pair, or you want to add to your existing stock.

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy brand new. There are other options, such as buying a remanufactured pair.

Buyer Alert: Remember that there is a very significant difference between remanufacturing and refurbishing.

Remanufacturing is where worn and damaged parts are completely replaced, while refurbishing is mostly cosmetic.

Buy New Lithotomy Stirrups

The last and most expensive option is to buy brand new stirrups.

Buying new eliminates the need to spend money on perpetually sending the stirrups for servicing, but is also about 3 times the price of remanufacturing and up to 2 times the price of buying remanufactured.

*Note: there may be a discount to be had for volume purchases.

The Importance of Stirrups Weight Classes

Apart from the brand name, the one determining price factor is the maximum weight allowance.

With Allen Medical Yellofins® stirrups, there are three classes:

  • Allen Medical Yellofins® without Allen Medical Lift-Assist® have a weight capacity of 350 lbs/159 kg
  • Allen Medical Yellofins® with Allen Medical Lift-Assist®  have a weight capacity of 350 lbs/159 kg
  • Allen Medical Yellofins® Elite have a weight capacity of 500 lbs/227 kg

The assisted lifting feature is the only differentiator for the ‘standard’ Allen Medical Yellofins® stirrups.

Important Tip: When talking about maximum weights for stirrups, keep in mind that the max weight is the weight of the patient, not what the stirrup can hold.

For example, stirrups with 350 lbs max weight might only be able to hold 60 lbs.

Yellofins® Stirrups

With or Without Allen Medical Lift-Assist®

If assisted lifting is not an important feature for you, and your patient weights are 350 lbs or less, the manual Allen Medical Yellofins® would be your best fit.

However, if you want the ‘very nice feature to have’, Lift-Assist®, then your only two options are: Allen Medical Yellofins® with Lift-Assist®, or the Yellofins® Elite with Lift-Assist®.

One other factor that may determine your final choice is range of Lithotomy. With Lift-Assist®, the lithotomy range is +84° to –33°, while without it is +90° to –35°.

Loaner Stirrups for Remanufacturing

Should you decide to remanufacture your stirrups, check to see if loaner stirrups are available.

The alternative is to make sure you have a free caseload for two to three weeks. The last thing you or your patients want is to reschedule because you don’t have the proper equipment.

The potential extra cost for a loaner pair may pale in comparison to the cost of rescheduling an operation.

Warranty Goes a Long Way

Yellofins® Stirrups accessories

Most manufacturers will give you a one-year warranty on new products.

Most will make it all inclusive, with parts and labour. But you may get some that exclude specific parts. It’s always good practice to know the warranty you’re getting.

With buying a remanufactured pair of stirrups, or remanufacturing your own, this is especially important.

The majority of companies that remanufacture stirrups will give you a one-year parts and labour warranty or less.

However, a select few back up their product with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

You may be able to get extended warranty. Make sure to at least ask and get a price.

Although this will affect the initial cost of Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups, it may be worth it down the road.

What’s Typically Included, What’s Required; And What’s Optional?


  • 1 Pair of Yellofins® Elite Stirrups


  • 1 Pair Yellofins® Reusable Pad Set
  • 2 Easy Lock® Blade Clamp


  • Case of 10 Pairs of Safety Drapes
  • Stirrup Cart
  • Drain Bag and Hoop System

Finally, the Cost of Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups

The cost of buying new stirrups can depend on several of the factors we laid out for you in this article.

Expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $16,000, depending on the model.

For example, you are probably not going to get a pair of Allen Medical Yellofins® Elite Stirrups  for $11,000. That would be more accurate for the Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups without Lift-Assist®.

The good news is that for a remanufactured pair, the cost will be around $7,000 to $8,000.

If you find it any cheaper than that, there may be two possible explanations.

  1. They are refurbished, not remanufactured.
  2. The warranty is for one year, with or without parts and labour, as opposed to a two year parts and labour warranty.

The great news is that remanufacturing your existing pair of stirrups will cost about $4,000. This process will return your stirrups in as-new condition.

Other Stirrups to Consider

There are several other manufacturers of stirrups that you could consider, but keep in mind that Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups are one of the highest regarded in lithotomy positioning (*UPDATE: Kyra Stirrups meet or exceed Yellofins® in every category).

  • Kyra Comfort Stirrups
  • Skytron FLEX FIN 600
  • Steris Power-lift Stirrups
  • David Scott Company Assisted Lift Lithotomy Stirrups
  • Maquet Leg Holder with Pneumatic Support
  • Stryker Premium Leg Stirrups with Assisted Lift

Flex Finn StirrupsSteris Power-Lift StirrupsDavid Scott Stirrups

What Can Meditek Offer?

All of us here at Meditek make it our business to know as much as we can about healthcare equipment.

We implore you to use us as your healthcare equipment resource and contact us with any questions you may have about Operating Room related equipment.

Are you interested in buying Meditek remanufactured Allen Medical Yellofins® or remanufacturing your existing pair?

Meditek has put hundreds of pairs through our certified ReNew program.

Not only do we return your stirrups in as-new condition, but we also back up our quality of work with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

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Yellofins® is a registered trademark of Allen Medical Systems, Inc.

* Lift-Assist® is a registered trademark of Allen Medical Systems, Inc.

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    2. Yellofin Reusable boot pad yellow Fin (1 pair), Cat# O-AMA68S0.6S, ALLEN MEDICAL (HILL ROM)- Qty: 1 Pair

    3. Easy lock blade clamp for EURO RAIL EU Model, Cat# A-40041, ALLEN MEDICAL (HILL ROM)- Qty: 2

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    May I request pricing for remanufactured stirrups? I am with a non-profit called Medical Missions Outreach that provides free surgical procedures at our facility in El Progreso, Honduras, to underserved patients on long waiting lists passed to us from a local public hospital. We are very much hoping to be able to upgrade to a boot style from the candy-cane style stirrups we are currently using, but the price is a challenge, of course. Any specifics you can give me will help us work toward this goal. Thank you!

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    Hello. My name is Dmitriy Nikolavsky. I am a Reconstructive Urologist at SUNY Upstate in Syracuse. Collecting funds to purchase yellow fins for a hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our last visit was in December 2023, one of the numerous missing pieces of equipment/instruments in the hospital were stirrups safe for prolonged reconstructive surgery. Would it be possible to discuss inexpensive options- we are trying to fundraise for this and other missing equipment.
    Thank you in advance.

    Dmitriy Nikolavsky

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