The Cost Of Medical Gel Pad Positioners – All Types And Sizes

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What you need to know about medical gel pad positioners

Donut head gel pad Positionershead gel padgel pad head
Not too long ago, I received a phone call about a leaky gel pad and the person on the other end was less than happy. Immediately, I knew something was wrong because the gel pads we sell do not leak.

It turns out that the gel pad was a water based gel pad with an internal enclosure that leaks if punctured.

The person was familiar with our line of Relaxa Gel pads and positioners and thought that this one had come from us. I assured her that it did not.

The customer mentioned that it was somewhat defeating the purpose having a breakable gel pad when cuts and rough handling of gel pads are commonplace in the OR.

This is where Meditek sets itself apart from the rest. We know from experience that customer education is vital to a trusting long-term relationship, which is what Meditek values.

Types of Patient Positioning Gel Pads

Soy gel
Not all gel pads are created equally. In fact, there are more types out there than you probably would have imagined.

  • Soy based gel pads
  • Water based gel pads
  • Silicone based gel pads
  • Foam positioners surrounded by gel

Which medical gel pads are the best?

While there is some debate about which gel pads are best, there are a few characteristics that are undeniably essential:

  • Latex free: Super important as latex allergies can be severe.
  • Heating and cooling abilities: Most gel pads can do both, but you should double-check the maximum temperatures. In addition, check to see if the state of the gel changes due to either hot or cold temperatures.
    • On a side note, all gel will have a melting point and some will have a flammability point. These are two different concepts. For example, while one gel pad may start melting at 150°C but not start on fire, other gels may not ignite easily but will burn continuously if exposed to open flame.
    • Leak and tear-resistant: Almost every gel pad manufacturer will tell you that their gel pads do not leak (high viscosity). However, there have been claims by numerous manufacturers of some water-based gel pads leaking when suffering a deep cut (see first paragraph).
    • Will not absorb odours or fluids: This is very important, as you will want to reuse your gel pads over and over again to get the most value out of them. As soon as there is absorption, the gel pad will be compromised and unsafe.
    • X-Ray Translucent/Radiolucent: The majority of manufacturers make medical gel cushions radiolucent as a standard practice. But buyer beware; there are still some that are not, so it’s always good to confirm.
    • Reduces shear: Some gel pads will mimic fatty tissue and move with the patient to reduce shear and help prevent pressure ulcers.
    • Does not bottom out: Buying a gel pad that bottoms out defeats the entire purpose of using it.

Some of the issues we have heard about with medical gel pads include:

  • Water evaporating over time, which may change the composition of the gel, such as stiffening or cracking
  • Allergies to silicone/latex
  • Gel pads with foam inserts not being flexible enough
  • Gel pads not returning to its original shape (low elasticity)

table gel padgel pads

“The mere existence of a pressure ulcer is often viewed as physical evidence of medical negligence. It is widely recognized that intraoperatively acquired pressure ulcers expose nurses, surgeons anesthesiologists and institutions to significant litigation risk.”

ECRI Institute (2006)


Gel Pads Sizes, Shapes and Uses

Not only are there specific gel pads for specific body parts, but there is also varying shapes and thicknesses.

There’s too many to list specifically in this article, but you can always check out our product line of Relaxa Gel pads and positioners to get an idea of what is available on the market.

Here are the more popular categories:gel positioner

  • Arm gel pads and positioners
  • Bariatric gel pads and positioners
  • Foot and heel gel pads
  • Head gel pads
  • Sand bag gel  positioners
  • Table gel pads

Factors Affecting Price of Gel Pads

As mentioned previously in the article, the composition of the gel pad positioner will have a big influence on price.

Expect lower quality silicone gels to be cheaper than a high quality soy-based gel, of which the same goes for water-based gels.

Gel pad warranty: While doing your research on which gel pad manufacturer to buy from, check the warranty. This will give you a good idea of the quality. Most manufacturers will give you a two-year warranty, but there are a select few that will offer a lifetime warranty.

Buy bulk: Although a somewhat obvious way to pay less, nevertheless it should be mentioned. Buying one gel pad at a time will result in higher shipping costs. Try looking for gel pad promotions and take advantage to stock up for the year.

arm gel padsgel pad sandbag



Cost of Gel Pads and Positioners

In the interest of efficiency, we are going to list out the more popular gel pads and two examples of prices for each.

We encourage you to fill out the form at the end of this post to download our Relaxa Gel Price Guide for more pricing.

Arm Gel Pads And Positioners
470-0920-0080 Small Standard Armboard 15″ x 4″ x ¼” $80 – $100
470-0920-0081 Large Standard Armboard 25″ x 5″ x ¼” $155 – $170
Bariatric Gel Pads And Positioners
470-0920-0125 Medium Bariatric Knee Crutch Pad 17″ x 11″ x 1″ $225 – $240
470-0920-0127 Large Bariatric Knee Crutch Pad 20″ x 20″ x 1″ $385 – $410
Foot And Heel Gel Pads
470-0920-0070 Clam Shell Heel Protector N/A $125 – $145
470-0920-0071 Heel Cup Pad N/A $90 – $110
Head Gel Pads
470-0920-0016 Pediatric Donut Head Pad 5½” OD x 2¼” x 1¼” $130 – $150
470-0920-0017 Adult Donut Head Pad 8″ OD x 3″ x 1¾” $160 – $185
Positioner Gel Pads
470-0920-0039 Medium/High Flat Bottom Chest Roll Positioner Pad 16″ x 6″ x 6″ $515 – $535
470-0920-0041 Long/High Flat Bottom Chest Roll Positioner Pad 20″ x 6″ x 6″ $675 – $700
Sand Gel Bags
470-0920-0099 Rectangular Sand Bag 12″ L x 4½” W x 2″ H $145 – $165
470-0920-0101 Rectangular Sand Bag 14″ L x 5″ W x 2½” H $145 – $165
Table Gel Pads
470-0920-0007 ¾ Table Pad with Cutout 46″ x 20″ x ½” $480 – $500
470-0920-0009 Foot Section Table Pad 20″ x 20″ x ½” $275 – $295


Watch a quick video on gel pads below:

Additional Resources

One of Meditek’s biggest advantages is that we are able to source the best equipment and products from around the globe without brand restriction.

More than a few years back, we heard our customers telling us that about the unsatisfactory quality of gel pads that they had been purchasing.

Using their expertise as guidance, we developed and now offer our own line of gel pads – Relaxa Gel.

We always encourage our customers to use us as their medical equipment encyclopedia.

With over 30+ years working in the Canadian healthcare industry, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about medical equipment.


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