How can meditek help your facility?

In a recent poll by Healthscape to medical professionals in Canada, the biggest issue facing their organization was budget.

Meditek is in a unique position to assist Canada’s healthcare providers in achieving their goals.


Meditek’s unique ReNew program restores your existing equipment through an extensive remanufacturing process. The restoration of our ReNew equipment results in equipment that meets its original equipment manufacturer specification, making it truly ‘new again’.

Why Choose the Meditek ReNew Program?

  • Equipment is truly remanufactured to as-new condition
  • Cost savings
  • Unmatched 2 year on-site parts and labour warranty

Quality and Patient Safety

Meditek only sells products that we know to be tried, true and tested. We carry many products that lead the medical industry in terms of innovation and superior technology; such as the Optimaxx Surgeon Headlight, which is truly cordless yet more powerful than almost all corded headlights.

Your job is to look after your patients. Our job is to look after you. Patient and employee safety are very important to Meditek, as they are to you. Our Samarit transfer boards decrease potential injuries to employees by way of the most advanced transfer board technology. Not only will they reduce back injuries, but also make the transfer a much more comfortable and dignified process for the patient.

Alternate Level of Care

While Alternate Level of Care (ALC) is a very complex issue and cannot be fixed with one single solution, Meditek has observed that a key factor in facilitating ALC is patient flow. Meditek is excited to offer the Skytron Asset Tracking System, which will help you streamline workflow, track equipment, and monitor patients. Click here for more details.

Wait Times

Surgery wait times have been an iconic source of debate in Canada’s healthcare system for decades. The QA4 Day Surgery Stretcher is a stretcher, operating table, and recovery chair – which is perfect for the present trend towards day surgery. The QA4 features a top slide platform and 100% C-Arm access, as well as exceptional stability provided by a 550 lbs weight capacity.


Just as in the private sector, recruiting the best people can depend on what you are able to offer; not only in terms of compensation, but also work environment. Providing your staff with the tools they need to succeed is crucial in attracting and retaining the talent, skills and knowledge that contribute to your facilities overall performance. The difference between a rural hospital with minimal surgery capabilities and one that has a new integration system, along with booms and lights, could be the difference you need to attract the top talent! Click here to view our project gallery.

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