How much do surgical table accessory clamps and sockets cost?

surgical table clamps cost

For as long as we’ve been supplying Canadian hospitals with surgical tables, we’ve also been providing surgical table accessories, such as clamps and sockets.

There are quite a few variations of clamps and sockets on the market, and as such, you have to know why the prices can fluctuate and what it means for quality.

For example, if you think you’re getting anodized aluminum, you might actually be getting just aluminum. Alternatively, you might not realize the differences between stainless steel and aluminum.

Either way, there are specific details that will change the quality of clamp or socket, and consequently the price.

So, we decided to write this article on how much surgical table accessory clamps and sockets cost.

*Please note that the prices mentioned in this blog post are for informational purposes only and may not be up-to-date at the time of your reading, as they are subject to change over time.*

Stainless steel vs aluminum vs anodized aluminum clamps

What is the difference?

Without getting into too much detail, know this:

  • Stainless steel is the strongest and most expensive
  • Anodized aluminum is regular aluminum that has been strengthened
  • Aluminum and anodized aluminum are lighter than stainless steel
  • There are various grades of stainless steel – you should look for 304
  • Aluminum clamps are more susceptible to corrosion and wear and tear

OEM clamps or after-market clamps

Another thing that could affect the cost of clamps or sockets is whether it’s from the original equipment manufacturer or if it’s an after-market clamp.

Keep in mind that after-market does not necessarily mean lesser quality. In fact, there are many reputable after-market clamps and sockets manufacturers with better quality clamps.

The key thing here is if you trust the company you are dealing with and if they are known for quality products that they back-up.

Clark SocketsClark Socket

Clark sockets accept a round post. Alternatively, a hybrid Clark socket will accept round and rectangular posts.

  • 11/16″ diameter round bar max
  • Rectangular post of 1″ wide x 0.25″
Description Price Range
Stationary, round bar, stainless steel Clark socket $190 – $300
360° rotation stainless steel Clark socket $240 – $600
Hybrid stainless steel Clark socket $300 – $900
Hybrid aluminum Clark socket $280 – $500

Siderail ClampsSiderail Clamp

Siderail clamps are available in a simple tried-and-true design, or a more complex rotational model.

Some will accept a round post, diameter is usually 0.625”


  • Accommodate a 1” x 0.25” rectangular post
  • Rectangular bar is 1” x 0.375”, but can go up to 0.5”
Description Price Range
Standard stainless steel $190 – $300
Standard aluminum $85 – $250
Deluxe/universal stainless steel $300 – $900
Deluxe/universal aluminum $150- $500

Schure SocketsSchure Socket

Schure Sockets can also come in an Xl version, which accommodates both round and rectangular posts.


  • Round bars up to 0.625”
  • Rectangular posts up to 1″ x 0.375″
Description Price Range
Stainless steel $250 – $500
Aluminum $125 – $250
Stainless steel Xl $400 – $900
Aluminum Xl $250 – $500

Tri-Clamp DeviceTri-Clamp Device

The Tri-Clamp Device has three adjustments, which include: lithotomy, abduction and rail securement positioning.


  • 5″ to 0.625″ round posts
  • 1″ x 0.25″ flat/rectangular
Description Price Range
Stainless steel $400 – $900
Aluminum $250 – $500

SpringLoc ClampSpring-Loc Clamp

SpringLoc Clamps come in either a solid configuration or a flex configuration, with the flex being able to attach to the siderail at any point and accepting rectangular rods up to 1” x 0.25”

Description Price Range
Stainless steel $350 – $900
Aluminum $250 – $400

CamLoc ClampCam-Loc Clamp

For situations that require a more heavy duty positioning lock, you have the CamLoc Clamp. It uses a ‘cam’ and jaw function to securely lock the bar or rod into its clamping section.


  • Round bars of up to 0.625”
  • Rectangular rods of up to 1” x 0.375”
Description Price Range
Stainless steel $375 – $1200

Easy Lock Socket ClampEasy-Lock Siderail Clamp

Similar to the standard siderail clamp, the Easy Lock Socket Clamp features a foldable twist handle and accepts round posts of up to 0.6875” (11/16”).

Description Price Range
Stainless steel $500 – $1,000
Aluminum $150 – $400

Additional Resources

Meditek is a leading surgical table accessory distributor in Canada. We carry numerous brands and types of surgical table clamps and sockets.

Below you can get a quick quote for your next clamp or socket!

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