KYRA COMFORT™ Stirrups Overview

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Scott here at Meditek. Just wanted to introduce a new generation stirrup called the Kyra stirrup. We’ve brought Holly in from Kyra Medical to do a little bit of a product overview. It’s quite the piece of equipment.

So over to you Holly.

Thank you for having me and showing you our new product that we have. We did the design on this stirrup based from clinicians input, users in the field and surgeons as well.

So we start off here with our integral clamp attached. It’s attached to the stirrup itself and we moved down here to the boot. We have a unique boot design with SecureLok Straps. We’ve done away with Velcro. So this is a cleaning issue and infection control. We have a larger design boot as well so it’s a deeper foot section through here. It’s a flexible fin and flexible here to accommodate larger patient calves. The Kyra 500 is a 500 pound patient weight capacity. But we know that the legs are getting larger on patients and ankles are larger too. So we designed it with that in mind. It’s more rounded here at the boot design. So you can address foot inversion, foot e-version not such a boot kind of box shape. We also did a medial to lateral close.


We found that that would pull the stirrup into the pad and in that hold the legs patience leg, secure it.

But it also gets the straps out of the prep area and now the surgical side area as well. So we’ve made that change. The boot adjustment is simply here with just loosening this to slide it up and down and just a simple little lock and position. And you can fold this up and out of the way for for use in the field. Our design down here is indicated that you motion the stirrup to raise and lower at this point. We have the lowest degree of lithotomy. But we also stay the same as the highest degree lithotomy of the competition. So in the highest lithotomy, we’ve eliminated that pinch factor that you could have in here in the high lithotomy of the fingers being pinched. And then after that you can take the stirrup off the table in that height position by just simply loosening this clamp – this purple clamp. Loosen it. Depress here with your thumb and you can take it off the table. If you’d like the demo that. Take it in. You’ve taken it off the table. Very good.

I really appreciate the time you spent today Holly with our team. And really hope the viewers are able to take away some interesting points on the new Kyra Stirrup that is being launched today.

Thank you very much for watching.

Thank you.

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