KYRA COMFORT™ Stirrups VS The Competition

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Video Transcript

Hello, it’s Brad Samuels for Meditek here. And joining me today is Ralph Deayton.

Good morning.

I’m here to demonstrate the new Kyra stirrup. It’s been designed and released here in 2017. It’s the next generation of lithotomy positioning. Ralph is representing the traditional design that’s been around for 20 years or so.

That’s right.

As Ralph would say, it’s tried and proven and tested. As I would say, it needs a makeover. And that’s what you’re getting here with the Kyra stirrup.

So my stirrup here, you’ve got the rigid boot injection moulded. Nice and firm. One size.

We’ve kind of taken that to the next level here, Ralph, actually. What we’ve done is we’ve done a bigger boot. It’s wider and it’s also flexible so it fits the to patient. Over the last 15-20 years patients have increased in size and our boot will accommodate that by flexing and it’s also a much wider boot.

So you’re pad doing hanging down inside? Mine folds over from this side.

Yeah actually that’s nice that it does that. But through many, many user reviews and feedback, we heard that it’s much better to have the pad go to the outside and strap up outside where they’re outside the sterile field, or away from the surgeon, so.

And what’s happened to the Velcro?

Yeah, I know traditional Velcro is good, or it used to be good. Maybe still is. We’ve gone to an excellent premium rubber snap system. It just clicks into place, and it’s excellent for infection control. We also have a different handle here I see.

I like this one where you can really get some grip on it. Well, it’s good jolly I’ve got big hands. How’s that work with yours?

Ours is actually a little easier to operate than that. You just twist your wrist. There’s no squeezing/gripping. It’s just a quick twist of the wrist.

And can yours go as high as mine?

Check that out here. Looks like it’s pretty close but I’m a little bit higher than maybe yours. I know that it definitely goes lower I believe.



And I just want to show you how good my handles are here. Your nice solid handle here.

So ours actually isn’t solid. It’s flexible, so depending on where you’re standing, around the stirrup you can twist it. So, I know yours is just a fixed position wherever it is. This allows some flexibility.

And also while we’re talking about handles – clamps. So guess what we’ve done Ralph? We have an integrity clamp. So, you can get these stirrups with a clamp attached. So, for all of you who are used to chasing clamps, looking for clamps, can’t find them. You can order these with clamps attached to the stirrup. So no more are looking for clamps. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I was taking it off there and one thing that I was reminded of, actually, is we had this happen a couple of times actually.

And for those watching you will remember this may have happened to you or someone you know. Carrying the stirrup along, and you release the mechanism to engage us stirrup all the way and pinch your fingers. It’s extremely painful. Ralph, I hope you kept your fingers out of the way there. If you get your fingers in there, they’re pinched, and you’ve got to get it released. One thing I would like to also point out, Ralph, is we have quite a bit thicker of a pad than you. I know your pad is nice, and we actually designed it off of that. But this is a much more doughy, thick, premium comfortable pad.

Thank you very much for joining us today. Thank you Ralph for representing the Team Traditional for the stirrups. We look forward to hearing any questions, any feedback that you have. Thanks.

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