Legless Arm and Hand Surgery Tables Overview

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Video Transcript:

Hey thanks for joining us today. My name is Drew Samuels, and we wanted to give a quick introduction to a few of the basic arm and hand surgery table boards.

This unit here is a very entry level unit, yet it provides a very stable surface to operate from. It clamps to the table’s side rail via these integral clamps on the unit. Simply place the clamps over the rail and it fixes itself into place. There’s two knobs here that need to be tightened up. Once those are tight, you have an imaging area as outlined here. And it does provide a good stable surface.

What we wanted to do is just go over a quick introduction to this arm and hands surgery table. It’s a very lightweight, legless type that attaches to the table side rail via these two standard rail clamps. When they are appropriately spaced, you just drop the flat metal blades into the clamps and lower it to the appropriate height. The unit is height adjustable, as you can see. We’ll put it on its lowest setting and tighten the clamps.

The unit has a large imaging area here, and it comes with a 2 inch cushion as a standard thickness, but you can get whatever thickness you need.

To remove the unit from the table, simply undo the clamps and lift the unit out of the clamps.

That’s about all there is to it.

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