Little PAL® Pediatric Stirrups

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Video Transcript

Hello it’s Brad Samuels, here for Meditek. And thanks for joining us today.

We’re here to talk about the Allen Medical Little PAL® Stirrups.

So these are the stirrups for young children, approximately ages three to six. And what we’ll talk about is four different things for setting them up. The first is how they attach to the surgical table. So we have a side rail clamp here, and the stirrup just drops into the side rail clamp. And then tighten up the clamp to lock it onto the rail, positioning at about the child’s hip.

The second thing is the cushion and how the foot is kept in the stirrup boot. So we’ll open up the Velcro: three straps. Place the child’s foot inside the boot. A nice padded gel or kind of like a memory foam pad encapsulates the foot. Do up the three pieces of Velcro.

Third item is the positioning of the boot on the shaft. So depending on the size of the patient can slide that up and down and position the boot however you need to to get access. It’s just a tighten up handle there. Lock it onto the shaft.

And then the last adjustment is the up and down, in and out motion. Kind of your low to high lithotomy positioning.

That’s pretty much it for the Allen Medical Little PAL® stirrups. Thanks for joining us.

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