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Biodex Medical Equipment

For more than 60 years, Biodex Medical Systems has offered a wide range of highly sophisticated surgical tables, stretchers and other products. The New York-based company has a reputation for both innovation and outstanding quality, with all products manufactured and QC checked in an ISO 9001:2008 facility. Biodex medical products are designed to meet the varied needs of today’s healthcare providers.

Meditek has partnered with Biodex to bring the company’s current line-up of medical imaging products to clinics and hospitals throughout Canada. In addition to sales, we also offer warranty support and repairs for everything we sell. Count on Meditek for the best selection of Biodex medical equipment on the market today.

C-Arm Surgical Tables

Meditek sells and services the complete selection of C-arm surgical tables by Biodex. The 800 series of surgical tables offers flexibility and precise positioning thanks to a five-axis motorized tabletop mechanism, multiple convenient joystick controls, a low-profile base for C-arm clearance and many other advanced features.

Our complete line of C-Arm surgical tables by Biodex includes:

  • 800 urology C-arm table: The 800 is built for image-guided surgeries. It features an adjustable 0° to 80° Fowler back and radiolucent C-arm extension for vascular, cardiac and other procedures.
  • 810 brachytherapy C-arm table: The brachytherapy C-arm table is built specifically for seed implantation procedures. It features a radiolucent extension for providing brachytherapy to the upper body.
  • 820 3D brachytherapy C-arm table: The 820 adds 3D C-arm control for precise actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions, providing accessibility while minimizing physician exposure to radiation.
  • 840 surgical C-arm table: The 840 is equipped with an extra-large radiolucent area and catheter tray extension, making it ideal for cardiovascular procedures.
  • 846 surgical C-arm table: For clinics on a budget, the 846 flat-top surgical table offers precise controls and an affordable price point.
  • 870 pain management C-arm table: The 870 surgical table is unique among Biodex medical products in that it is designed specifically for pain care applications. Features include an innovative low-profile, contoured design for maximizing work area and accessibility.

Ultrasound Stretchers

In addition to the company’s innovative surgical tables, Meditek also offers Biodex ultrasound stretchers — an ideal choice for a wide range of imaging applications. Biodex stretchers feature an ergonomic design, dual-purpose pivoting cushion, side-mounted arm board for vascular scanning, and precise hand- or foot-operated control of height, Fowler back and Trendelenburg motions. Specific products are available for OB/GYN, echocardiography, vascular and general-purpose imaging.

Your National Source for Biodex Medical Products

With local representatives serving hospitals and clinics from coast to coast, Meditek is your best choice for Biodex medical equipment, no matter where you are in Canada. We proudly back up everything we sell with service and warranty support to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Contact a representative today for more information.