Cuda Surgical

Cuda Surgical Equipment

Meditek is proud to an authorized distributor for Cuda Surgical, a leading manufacturer of medical lighting and related products. We offer sales and support for some of the company’s most popular products, including the Elite series of xenon lightsources and headlights. Discover for yourself the benefits of adding a Cuda headlight or other neuro surgical lighting solution to your operation. Our representatives are present in all major Canadian healthcare markets and can arrange a demonstration at your convenience. Speak to your local Meditek rep, or contact our head office to get in touch with a team member in your area.

About Cuda Surgical

Cuda Surgical has a more than 35-year history of developing innovative lighting and visualization products for the medical industry. The company, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida, is unique in its vertical manufacturing capabilities. Unlike other manufacturers, all Cuda neuro surgical equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in-house. This allows the company to ensure an exceptionally high level of quality control, leading to products that are more reliable, more versatile and more effective in today’s modern operating environments. It also means that, when necessary, replacement parts are easier to source, leading to less downtime for your important equipment.

With our shared commitment to quality products, Meditek is the ideal partner for Cuda Surgical in Canada.

Why Choose Cuda Headlights?

Cuda Surgical headlights and lightsources deliver daylight-quality lighting in a compact package. Suitable for the most demanding surgical procedures, the Elite series of products features a 650-hour prorated lamp warranty, variable intensity control, ergonomically designed Multi-port turrets, a removable module for easy bulb changes and a number of other exclusive features. Elite lightsources are available in 300 and 180 watt configurations. Pair them with the company’s standard and neuro headlights, video cameras and other accessories for exceptional lighting that preserves tissue color.

Cuda Surgical equipment can be found in operating rooms, day surgery centres, examination rooms and any other environment where a reliable, portable source of bright white lighting is required.

Service and Support for Your Purchase

As an authorized Cuda Surgical distributor in Canada, Meditek will be there to provide support for as long as you own your purchase. We can deliver repairs and remanufacturing of older equipment, as well as any replacement parts you need. We also offer a wide range of consulting services that help you make smart purchasing decisions, putting your resources to the best use possible.

Cuda Surgical equipment is an important component of any operating room. As Canada’s expert in surgical lighting technology, Meditek is available to assist any facility considering upgrading their capabilities. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs with one of our sales team and find out how we can help.