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Linet Hospital Beds

Linet hospital beds can be found in clinics and healthcare centres around the world. The company has a long history of innovation and has pioneered advanced features that are improving patient outcomes and comfort, streamlining workflows, and helping deliver a higher calibre of service.

To maintain our goal of driving leadership, innovation, focus and excellence for the Canadian healthcare sector, Meditek is proud to offer sales and service of Linet hospital beds to clients across the country. We sell the company’s Multicare ICU and Eleganza 3 products — two feature-packed hospital beds ideal for critical and acute care applications.

Linet Hospital Bed Highlights

Visit individual product pages for detailed specifications and more information about the unique features and advanced capabilities of Linet hospital beds. Some notable highlights of the two main beds available from Meditek include:

  • Multicare ICU — The Multicare ICU features Linet’s Automatic Lateral Therapy protocol, which uses programmable lateral tilt to reduce the risk of pulmonary complications, and assist nursing staff with wound care, bed making and patient hygiene. Other notable features include progressive side rails with built-in sensors that reduce the risk of falls, and the i-Drive power system for one-handed patient transport across short or long distances. Use the Multicare ICU bed for critical care applications where complex, coordinated interventions are essential.
  • Eleganza 3 — Designed to improve recovery times and reduce the risk of injuries, the Eleganza 3 is one of the most advanced Linet hospital beds for acute care, recovery from surgery and other inpatient treatments. Designed for enhanced safety, the Eleganza 3 features variable side rails and the i-brake automatic braking system to reduce the risk of falls. It also features Mobi-Lift handles to promote a proactive recovery, and the Ergoframe® mattress platform, which has proven highly effective at preventing pressure ulcers.

Whichever Linet hospital bed is right for your application, your purchase will deliver long-term value through enhanced efficiency of care and decreased physical demands on your staff. It’s no surprise Linet hospital beds can be found in more European medical and residential centres than any other brand.

Service and Support From the Meditek Team

As an authorised dealer of Linet hospital beds, the Meditek team is available to provide on-site support for as long as you own your purchase. We carry a comprehensive selection of replacement parts and accessories, and are fully authorised to provide warranty repairs and ongoing maintenance for all Linet products.

Through innovative partnerships with leading global manufacturers, and more than 30 years of experience serving Canada’s hospitals and clinics, Meditek is committed to raising the bar for healthcare in Canada. To learn more about the benefits of Linet hospital beds, contact a team member today.