Maquet Products

Maquet Medical Equipment

Maquet medical equipment offers healthcare facilities exceptional quality at budget-conscious prices. Maquet has a more than 175-year history in healthcare, and Meditek is proud to be helping Canadian clinics and hospitals benefit from this experience.

Maquet Surgical Tables

  • Mobile surgical tables: Maquet’s mobile surgical tables are ideally suited for a number of general-duty applications, including radiography, intraoperative imaging and more. Popular models include the 1132 Alphastar, 1133 Alphamaxx and Alphaclassic. Contact Meditek directly for assistance choosing the right product for your needs and budget. Available features include C-arm compatibility and push-button moving commands for maximum portability and superior positioning.
  • Orthopedic surgical tables: The Maquet 1420 and 1425 Orthostar surgical tables provide an extra-large operating surface for a number of orthopedic procedures, including total hip replacement and open-and-closed nailing. Capable of supporting and seamlessly positioning even heavier patients, Maquet orthopedic surgical tables are an excellent addition to any hospital or clinic.

Other Maquet Medical Equipment

Additional Maquet medical products available for sale from Meditek include leg supports and knee crutches, both of which offer superior durability and value for long-term use. Maquet cushion sets, which are highly regarded for a number of applications, deliver comfort for patients without impeding a surgeon’s movements.

Both standard and premium cushions are available — the latter include a top foam memory layer and electrically conducive, four-way anti-sheet Fusion cover. View our complete inventory of Maquet medical products online or contact a local representative directly for more information.

Remanufactured Surgical Tables

Maquet medical equipment is known in healthcare settings around the world for its excellent positioning abilities, allowing surgeons and other practitioners to complete a variety of procedures more effectively. Remanufacturing or purchasing a previously remanufactured unit with Meditek allows you to enjoy these and other advantages for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Remanufactured Maquet medical products offer significant savings without compromising quality. Our remanufacturing process can correct a number of common problems that occur in aging surgical tables, such as table top drifting, electrical or hydraulic issues, and slipping floorlocks. Remanufacturing can also add new technologies that will allow you to extend the operational life of your purchase for years to come.

All work is done in our Canadian facility, and all remanufactured products feature a two-year on-site parts and labour warranty.

Your Nationwide Maquet Medical Equipment Expert

Meditek is proud to offer sales and service support for Maquet surgical tables and other equipment to organizations throughout Canada. We offer coast-to-coast representation and support, convenient online ordering and exceptional customer service. If you’re in the market for a general or orthopedic surgical table, contact Meditek first.