Midmark Products

Midmark Medical Products

The Midmark Company’s roots date back more than 100 years. Since their entry into the medical devices market in the late ’60s, they have developed an impressive reputation for quality, innovation and consistency in everything they do. This drive to create smarter, safer and overall better products makes the Midmark an ideal partner to Meditek, Canada’s leading nationwide supplier of hospital beds, surgical tables and other related items.

With an emphasis on the hybrid operating room, both Midmark and Meditek continue to innovate, elevating the standard of care Canadian hospitals and clinics can deliver for their patients. Browse our current selection of Midmark medical equipment on this page or contact a sales representative in your area for in-person assistance.

Midmark Medical Exam Tables

Midmark is best known for their exam and general surgery tables. From top to bottom, Midmark tables are designed with the needs of doctors, nurses and patients in mind. The company’s products include:

  • Manual exam tables: Like all Midmark exam tables, the company’s manual line includes leading features not found on competing products. Flexible designs can be switched easily to permit left- or right-hand access to features and functions. Models are available with ample storage space and fold-down tops that provide a larger work area if necessary.
  • Power exam tables: Take patient comfort and physician convenience to the next level with a powered Midmark medical exam table. Designed to provide barrier-free access and accurate patient positioning, Midmark exam tables incorporate timesaving features such as Quick Exam® and Motion Profiling™ controls, as well as optional built-in digital scales. What that translates to is less strain on your staff and an increased ability to get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Surgical tables: Midmark surgical tables are used in everything from general procedures to bariatric, urology and other applications. The company’s 7100 model represents an industry standard in terms of functionality and value, offering 18-degree lateral tilt and 28-degree Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg positioning capabilities, an automatic return-to-level feature, auxiliary battery power and more. In addition to new Midmark tables, we can also remanufacture and retrofit older models, equipping any facility with the tools they need to deliver 21st century care to all patients.

Midmark and Meditek: Your Partners for L.I.F.E.

Meditek is committed to delivering leadership, innovation, focus and excellence in everything we do. Is it any wonder we have chosen to collaborate with Midmark to bring the company’s innovative medical tables to Canadian facilities from coast to coast? Whatever your needs are, both now and into the future, Meditek will empower you to meet them while keeping your budgets in line and your staff happy. We have been a leading equipment provider in Canada for more than 25 years. To find out what we can do for you or request a demo of a Midmark exam table in your facility, contact your regional sales representative today.