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Primus Medical Equipment

For over than 10 years, Meditek has been providing Canadian healthcare facilities with top-quality sterilizers and other medical equipment. Primus products are a popular choice in our extensive inventory. Choose from the current line-up of Primus sterilizers and get the service, support and parts from Meditek you need to get the most out of your equipment.

Contact a Meditek sales rep for our Pimus Sterilizers for more information.

About Primus Sterilizers

Renowned for their versatility in a number of surgical and general medical applications, Primus’ medical equipment sterilizers offer exceptional value. Features include a solid stainless-steel pressure vessel with a simple, straightforward design that will provide years of reliable performance.

All components are manufactured in an ASME-certified factory and quality checked to ensure each unit meets the exceptionally high standards set by the brand. Other notable features of Primus sterilizers include:

  • Pri-Mirror® brilliant chamber finish for improved spill clean-up, stain resistance and overall durability
  • Space-saving rectangular design that eliminates wasted space
  • Inner jacketing to provide even heating throughout the sterilization cycle
  • An easy-to-open vertical sliding door that is safer and less expensive to service than conventional hinged designs
  • Fully programmable operation with vacuum, gravity, liquids, and test/vac modes for sterilizing a wide range of medical equipment

As with all of our medical equipment, Primus sterilizers can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. A number of accessories are available, including a stainless-steel loading cart and swivel lock transfer carriage. Browse all products online or speak with a Meditek representative for more information.

Sterilizer Service and Installations

An investment in a Primus sterilizer can deliver years of use in your facility. Meditek provides service support for everything we sell, with local technicians around the country available to take on everything from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs. We can also install your purchase, assisting with everything from rough-in and transport to the final testing. Let our expertise help you get the most out of your equipment.

Leasing and Rentals

Meditek has a number of convenient financing options available for any practice that requires the benefits of Primus medical equipment without a large capital investment. We offer flexible terms and can arrange a leasing plan that lets you manage your finances more effectively by working around your cash flow cycle.

Renting is also available for any short-term needs. Whether you need to maintain optimal uptime while your existing equipment undergoes repairs, or you would like to try out equipment before you buy, renting is the perfect solution.

Find out more about what Meditek can do for you by contacting a local sales representative today. We offer support for clients throughout Canada and can help you choose the right Primus medical product for your budget.