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Samarit Medical Equipment

As the operating room continues to play an important role in healthcare delivery, new products are making patient transfer and other basic tasks safer and easier for practitioners in a wide range of disciplines. Meditek is proud to offer the Samarit Transfer Board and other medical products by the Swedish manufacturer.

For more than 30 years, it has been our goal to provide Canadian hospitals and clinics a proven selection of the most sophisticated medical products on the market today. Samarit medical equipment is trusted in leading healthcare facilities around the world. View our full selection from the company’s transfer board line today or contact our team for more information.

About Samarit

Samarit medical products are distributed through Samarit Canada, which since 2000 has been helping caregivers across the country improve the quality of service they offer patients. The company is known for innovative medical aids. Developed in consultation with doctors, specialists, engineers and nurses, they address the working needs of those on the front line of patient care.

Meditek has partnered with Samarit Canada to expand our operating room product offerings. We bring quality Samarit medical equipment to customers nationwide, along with our unparalleled customer service.

The Samarit Transfer Board

First patented in 1988, the Samarit Transfer Board is the company’s flagship product. Designed for efficient lateral patient transfer, the transfer board offers a number of advantages not found on competing products.

This sophisticated ergonomic device reduces the stress on caregivers’ shoulders and lower backs when moving patients in operating theatres, intensive care units, radiology wards and more. Use a Samarit transfer boards to bridge gaps up to 20 cm wide. All transfer boards are non-toxic, latex-free, easy to clean and sterilize, and safe and comfortable for patients of all sizes.

Clinical testing of the Samarit Transfer Board found that, compared to other lateral transfer products, use of the device in a hospital setting led to:

  • Reduced biomechanical loading on the lower back
  • Reduced peak resultant forces on the shoulder joint
  • Faster patient transfer times

Back and shoulder injuries remain a persistent occupational hazard for nurses and other caregivers. The Transfer Board and other Samarit medical products can lead to improved productivity, less staff downtime and reduced liability for your organization.

Meditek carries the full line of Samarit Transfer Boards, offering lateral transfer solutions for a range of different healthcare environments. Our extensive inventory includes special products designed for use in bariatric, urology/gynaecology, X-ray and MRI applications.

Samarit Products

Meditek provides and supports the full line of transfer boards, including the following popular makes: High-Tec, Professional, H-line, and Blue Transfer Board. Our best-sellers include: Hi-Tec Standard Rollbord, ICU-Bariatric Rollbord, Surgiboard, and Mini-Gyn.

Warranty Support for Samarit Medical Equipment

Samarit medical products are easy to maintain and designed for years of trouble-free use. Meditek offers comprehensive service support for everything we sell. In the unlikely event repairs are needed, we can quickly get you back up and running.

Sales representatives are available throughout Canada. Call or email your local team today for more information.