Steris Products

Steris Medical Equipment

Meditek is proud to offer quality Steris medical products to clients throughout Canada. Since 1981, we have been helping the country’s surgical centres, primary care facilities and other healthcare organizations with an excellent selection of products and complete service support to back up everything we sell.

In today’s healthcare industry, clinics and hospitals are increasingly being asked to do more with less — without compromising the level of care they deliver for their patients. Meditek is proud to be an ally to service providers across the country. Let our commitment to leadership and innovation help you every step of the way.

About Steris Medical Products

Headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, the Steris medical equipment corporation has a long history of providing high-quality surgical and critical care products to a diverse array of healthcare clients in Canada and around the world. Steris products available at Meditek include surgical tables, cushion sets, and radiography top panel sets. Browse our current inventory online.

Steris Surgical Tables

Steris surgical tables are designed to deliver excellent productivity, precise controls and a number of other working advantages. C-arm attachments are available for integrating cardiothoracic, orthopedic and neurosurgical imaging seamlessly into your workflow. As with all Steris medical products, the company’s surgical tables can be counted on for long-term reliability, even when deployed in difficult situations.

Meditek sells Steris stirrups and other products designed to improve patient positioning. Also available are a range of Steris surgical table cushions to provide comfort throughout the surgical process.

Remanufactured Surgical Tables

Save money on a Steris surgical table by buying remanufactured or having our team fully recondition your aging unit. We can provide a number of services that will help you get the most productivity out of an older Steris surgical table, including replacing worn-out components, adding engineering upgrades, and fixing cosmetic damage such as bent covers.

If your current surgical tables are drifting, unstable, leaking oil or have broken controls or hydraulics, Meditek may be able to repair them to like-new condition. Alternately, we have large inventory of previously reconditioned items that will save you potentially thousands of dollars compared to the cost of buying new.

Cross-Canada Parts and Service Support

Whether you purchase new or remanufactured, Meditek can ensure you get the most out of all of your Steris medical equipment. We offer on-site repairs and maintenance at healthcare facilities throughout Canada — our trained local technicians provide full warranty support. Take advantage of our consulting services to learn how to use your space more efficiently — without affecting workflow or compromising the level of care you offer your patients.

Find out more about what Meditek and Steris surgical products can do for your clinic or hospital by calling, emailing or speaking to a local sales representative today.