Meditek Announces New Promotion: OR’s For The Cure – ThinkPink!

Meditek, a leading operating room table provider to Canadian hospitals, is once again stepping up to the plate to help a great cause. Meditek will donate $500 to a cancer charity for every remanufactured surgical table that is painted in the unmistakable breast cancer pink colour.

The promotion, OR’s For The Cure – ThinkPink!, has three standout benefits.

  1. The table is returned to the customer in as-new condition.
  2. The table will have a unique look.
  3. A cancer charity will receive a $500 donation.

“We wanted to do something unique to help in the ongoing fight against breast cancer; something that no one has ever done before,” explains Meditek Marketing Manager, Brad Samuels. “And at the same time, we wanted to make sure that we were providing exceptional value to our customers.”

The ReNew Equipment Restoration Program takes equipment apart right down to the nuts and bolts, replaces worn and damaged parts, and then puts it all back together again in as-new condition.

The remanufactured tables have the same life span, again, as when they were purchased originally from the OEM and Meditek customers typically get another two decades use out of their same table.”

“That’s when we came up with the idea to paint surgical tables pink. I mean, how cool would it be to see a pink surgical table in the OR,” exclaims Brad. “Since the tables are already apart, painting them a different color is easy.”

Meditek started remanufacturing surgical tables in 1981. Since then, Meditek has remanufactured hundreds of tables of every brand and model.

To emphasize the quality of work Meditek does, ReNew equipment comes with a two-year, parts and labour warranty.

Some rules apply to the promotion:

  • Offer does not apply to any orders previously placed
  • Valid from October 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017
  • Some exclusions apply

Contact Information:

Brad Samuels, Marketing Manager
[email protected]

About Meditek:

Meditek, centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides the Canadian healthcare industry with medical services. More information about Meditek can be found at