Meditek Celebrates 35 Years in Supplying Equipment to Canadian Healthcare Facilities

Meditek, a provider of innovative hospital products, is excited to announce that 2016 is its 35th year in business.

Located in the geographical center of North America, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Meditek has found success through one major consistency – exceptional customer service. From its very beginnings, Meditek had emphasized that hospitals would experience an unrivaled level of service and with this main philosophy, Meditek became a major player in the healthcare market.

The company started out by providing a unique service for restoring healthcare equipment to as-new condition, called remanufacturing. The ReNew equipment restoration program has since renewed over 1,000 surgical tables (and counting!) along with other medical equipment such as stretchers, birthing beds and hospital beds.

Nowadays, Meditek supplies Canadian hospitals with a wide array of products that are relevant to various hospital departments, such as the OR, ER, ICU and Maternity. In some cases, Meditek will work directly with the manufacturer to develop or improve designs and functions based on the expertise of Meditek employees and front line caregivers.

Meditek also expanded its role as a service provider. From offering its ReNew service, Meditek now offers services such as planning and design, installations, leasing and rental, InSight equipment assessments and preventive maintenance.

A family orientated business, Meditek is constantly searching the globe for the most technologically superior equipment in a bid to supply Canada’s healthcare workers with the best tools to do their jobs. As healthcare workers are passionate about giving medical care to their patients, Meditek is as passionate about playing its part in facilitating that.

Mission Statement:

To create more desirable working environments for our clients by genuinely caring for each customer while providing unique, individualized and superior solutions. This will be accomplished as we continuously invest in our staff and develop the skills of our champion team.

Vision Statement:

To provide problem free operating environments which allow our customers to focus on delivering the patient care they are passionate about providing.

Meditek is committed to providing Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Excellence for healthcare in Canada.

Contact Information:

Brad Samuels, Marketing Manager
[email protected]