Meditek Releases Next Generation Surgical Lights from Skytron

Meditek, a provider of innovative hospital room products, recently announced the arrival of the latest generation of Aurora surgical lights from Skytron. The Aurora Four is the accumulation of knowledge and technology when it comes to LED lights, combined with all of the features important to the operating room.

“As far as lights go, we’re really excited about the Aurora Four due to its ease of use and superior function,” states Brad Samuels, Marketing Manager at Meditek.

Aurora Four features include:

  • A larger spot size and intensity up to 160,000 lux
  • Unique reflector technology, which dramatically minimizes shadows that obscure visibility of the surgical site
  • Focus control from the center sterile handle
  • Option to choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature based on the procedure type

The Aurora Four lights take operating room lighting to a new level. When designing the newest model of OR lights, Skytron took into account just how complex procedures can become in the operating room.

The goal of making the lights as hassle free as possible include many features and benefits, such as:

  • Lights can be placed further away from the patient, opening up the line-of-sight and minimizing physical contact with the fixture
  • 110° vertical travel allows downward positioning for hip, OB-GYN and urology procedures
  • 360° rotation on all axis and lightweight construction keep positioning simple
  • Drift-free stability keeps lights exactly where needed
  • As with all Skytron equipment, a lower overall cost of ownership

“One of the greatest benefits of this light is its versatility. It can be used in many different environments from general and hybrid operating rooms to the emergency department to the intensive care unit to the cath lab and more,” continues Brad Samuels.

Being a truly versatile light, the Aurora Four comes in many variations and configurations, including ceiling mounted, wall mounted, and mobile. Integration with booms, flat-screen displays or independent camera arms is flawless.

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Brad Samuels, Marketing Manager
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