How to Operate the Wilson Spinal Frame

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Hello, my name is Ralph. I’m from Meditek. I would like to show you today some simple techniques in how to operate the Wilson Spinal Frame.

This unit here has a couple of different features that can sometimes be misused. The first being the lordosis control. That is the raising of these pads. This should be done before placing a patient on the unit. This is done very simply by taking the crank, cranking it to the maximum, placing the patient on the pads, and then lowering it to the desired position. Now for the lateral width adjustment of the pads. This cannot be done while the pads are engaged. So, these are removed. Come to the far end where you have the red buttons. Press the red button and adjust the pads to where you require them. Depending on the patients width and then re-install.

And that is the Wilson Spinal Frame. Thank you.

2 Comments on “How to Operate the Wilson Spinal Frame”

  1. Todd Zellmer

    Is there a patient measurement that can be obtained in order to set width of Wilson frame pads? Width of mid trunk or distance between mid clavicular lines?

    1. Hi Todd,

      Thanks for reaching out to Meditek! The thing to look for is to provide room for belly hang. Belly hang is important in spine surgery to allow the blood to move away from the surgical area. The belly should fit between the two pads while the pads still provide support for the patients torso.

      If you’re looking for product suggestions, the Kyra Curve Spine Frame is an excellent option as the pads can move medial to lateral to fit a wide range of patient sizes.

      Happy to help if you have any more questions!

      Marketing Manager

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