Peter Lougheed Centre Opens New Hybrid Operating Room

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Leading in Hybrid Operating Room Leadership

Meditek prides itself on being a leader in the Canadian healthcare industry. Whether it’s offering unique value extending services such as the ReNew Equipment Restoration Program, offering products that have unique technology and features, or being a part of installations that are “firsts” for this country, Meditek lives up to its reputation.

In early August, 2015, Meditek had the fortunate experience to be a part of another first-ever for Western Canada. This was the new hybrid operating room at the Peter Lougheed Centre the first to feature a robotic C-arm imaging system with Siemens.



While Meditek supplied and installed the equipment carrier booms and lights (Skytron), there were many factors about this new OR that made the construction and installation of it unique from other standard hybrid operating rooms.

A few of the new configurations included:

  • The surgical table to be positioned at a different angle compared to the room’s symmetry
  • The monitors were larger and heavier than normal, requiring a heavier, reinforced boom system
  • The tether bracket had to be positioned 90° from its standard position to allow the entry and passage of stretchers
  • Anesthesia images went from smaller to larger monitor for easier observance
  • X-ray shields were larger and of different configurations which meant that they had to be uniquely positioned

The positioning and new configurations had to be coordinated and synced in a way that complemented the other equipment in the room.

The week and a half install went smoothly and finished ahead of schedule. When it came time for the Environmental Simulation (eSim), the new hybrid operating room was deemed a major success.

These latest two hybrid operating rooms are fitted with the latest diagnostic imaging equipment. Renovations aimed at improving women’s health, including an expanded neonatal intensive care unit and postpartum inpatient unit will be completed by 2017. These additions are part of a $77 million capital funding investment by the Government of Alberta for the Peter Lougheed Centre.

The Peter Lougheed Hybrid OR is the latest example of Meditek in a leadership role. Other “firsts” include the first ever hybrid operating room in Canada at Royal Columbia Hospital and the first-of-its-kind ITOR at McCaig Tower.

Since 1988 The Peter Lougheed Centre has doubled it number of beds to 576 and surgical suites to 4. Each year approximately 6,000 babies are delivered and over 32,000 procedures are performed at PLC. Emergency and neonatal intensive care are just a few in a full range of  inpatient and outpatient services from PLC to Albertans.

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PLC Hybrid Operating Room

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  1. Adriana Reyes Vera

    Hi there,

    I am contacting you from Vancouver Coastal Health at Vancouver General Hospital. We are starting a new OR Redevelopment and we are expecting to build one Hybrid Operating Room here. I am wondering who could I contact for more information in regards to the service and specifics of your hybrid operating room. I hope you can help me here.

    Thank you so much in advance,

    Adriana Reyes Vera
    Project Manager, Equipment Planning VGH OR Renewal

    1. Felipe Cely

      Hi Adriana,

      Thank you for reaching out! We can definitely assist you with this project. Brad Samuels, Territory Manager for British Columbia, will contact you shortly.

      Have a great day!

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