Press Release – A new & modern brand identity for national healthcare equipment supplier

Press Release – A new & modern brand identity for national healthcare equipment supplier

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (October 17, 2022) — Meditek is pleased to announce the launch of its rebrand with a new logo, colours, typography and a redesigned website. This change comes as part of the company’s intention to better reflect its brand personality and diverse product and service offerings within the healthcare equipment industry.

“Our business has evolved dramatically over the past years and it became clear that the presentation of the company needs to reflect that positive development,” said Felipe Cely, Marketing Manager, Meditek. “It was time to rethink our integrated branding strategy to better reflect our position as trusted healthcare equipment experts.”

In partnership with a local advertising agency, a modern new logo was designed with modular elements that speak to Meditek’s flexible and creative healthcare solutions, while angular lines represent the company’s expedited approach to customer service. The bold new brand colours portray a sense of their unique niche within the healthcare space, with the primary green characterizing nurture and restoration.

Meditek underwent a previous rebrand in the early 1990s and has remained untouched until now. The former well-loved logo represented Meditek’s sole focus on surgical tables during that era. While Meditek has continued to grow its surgical table offerings and quality remanufacturing services, the company has diversified into many other areas of medical products and services.

“We have realigned our brand to be consistent with who we are now,” said Chris Samuels, General Manager, Meditek. “Our customers should feel much more of a connection to Meditek’s new brand compared to our previous look.”

Impeccable customer service has always been the main driving force in the growth of Meditek. While the logo and colours are changing, the company’s dedication to providing the highest possible level of care to its customers never will.

“We put a lot of thought and care into this change,” said Chris Samuels. “But one thing that  remains is our commitment to taking care of our customers and we will continue to always go the extra mile for them.”

“Throughout the rebranding process, it was important to all of us to pay close attention to our 40-year heritage,” said Felipe Cely. “The end result has created an incredible new look that we believe will stand unwavering for years to come.”

About the company

Meditek is a fully diversified healthcare equipment supplier and remanufacturer, distributing high-quality operating room products and services to over 800 healthcare facilities across Canada. Meditek entered the Canadian medical industry in 1981 and is centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For more information, please contact:

Felipe Cely, Marketing Manager
1810 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0B7

[email protected]

To download our press release, please press here. 

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