Aperon Vault 160 -UV-C

Aperon 160 – UV-C Disinfection Box

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Aperon 160 – UV-C Light Disinfection Box

Prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms and combat COVID-19 with Aperon Vault 160 UV-C Disinfection Systems.

The Aperon UV Vault 160 is a large profile chamber designed for quick object disinfection. High-intensity ultraviolet (UV-C) bulbs produce germicidal light (254nm) that can eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. The simple and efficient nature of the chamber makes it an effective disinfection tool for multiple applications and industries:

• Medical facilities
• Personal care homes
• Educational institutions
• Retail spaces
• Construction sites
• Other industries.

Aperon Vault 160 - MEDITEK


THE VAULT 160 uses 5 high-output germicidal bulbs producing over 2 mW/cm2 of UV-C radiation. This translates into a dosage of over 120 mJ/cm2 every 60 seconds. The adjustable timer allows the user to select the desired dosage (see dosage and exposure charts). Careful placement of the lamps combined with an all-aluminum construction (maximizing UV-C reflection) ensures optimized coverage and limited shadowing. Larger objects that do not fit in smaller chambers can now be disinfected quickly and effectively due to the large rack and spacious interior capacity of the chamber.

Aperon Vault 160 - MEDITEK


Key Features:

  • Large 160-Litre Capacity
  • Interchangeable rack system
  • Magnetic doors
  • 5 High-Output UV-C lamps
  • Adjustable timer
  • Single push-button operation
  • Keyed power switch
  • Verification window
  • Emergency shut-off button
  • Standard 120v plug
  • Aluminum construction
  • Custom carts (optional)

Aperon Vault 160 - MEDITEK

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If you are looking for UV-C disinfection solutions for your facility or want help selecting the best UV disinfection system, contact us or browse our products online. We can help you select your new UV-C light decontamination device and ensure you have the correct procedure in place for the job.