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As in most developed countries, obesity rates in Canada are on the rise. This appears to be not a temporary anomaly but an ongoing trend, one that currently represents an almost $4 billion annual burden on our already stressed healthcare system.

Care providers have two goals in this regard, each with a different purview. First is to encourage greater education around healthy eating and exercise, with the long-term aim of stabilizing the growing obesity epidemic. More pressingly, however, there is a need to accommodate the specific demands of caring for a population that is getting heavier.

Meditek sells and services a wide range of bariatric hospital equipment for today’s care providers. Our products help you deal more effectively with obese and overweight patients, minimizing the burden on your staff without compromising workflows or stretching your budget too thin. Read on to learn more about our current selection of bariatric seating and patient transport products.

Bariatric Hospital Products

Bariatric surgeries are accounting for an increasingly large percentage of procedures at Canada’s hospitals. An investment in specialized bariatric hospital equipment can help streamline your workflow, improve patient comfort and promote better outcomes in complicated procedures. Meditek offers a number of specialized products designed specifically for today’s bariatric surgery professionals.

Bariatric Surgical Tables and Stretchers

An operating table designed specifically for bariatric surgeries eliminates many of the common problems of positioning and accessibility associated with these procedures. Meditek sells a number of bariatric surgical tables and stretchers with the higher weight capacities and greater widths required to accommodate larger patients without impeding workflow.

We also offer bariatric hospital products with C-arm support and other special features for imaging and non-invasive procedures — ideal for use in today’s hybrid operating rooms.

Remanufactured Bariatric Hospital Beds

For any clinic looking to upgrade their equipment on a budget or dealing with the implications of demographic shifts in their service area, re-manufactured equipment is an excellent alternative to buying new. Our re-manufacturing process is comprehensive and backed by a two-year warranty covering all parts and labour. Technicians begin by performing a comprehensive inspection of all components, making repairs and replacing parts as necessary to bring the bed or table back to like-new condition We can also add upgrades to accommodate the use of imaging devices and other tools commonly employed in bariatric procedures.

To find out more, contact a Meditek representative in your area to schedule an appointment. We can review your existing inventory of bariatric equipment to advise whether refurbishing is an option. We also frequently have refurbished bariatric hospital beds for sale at prices that are affordable for any clinic.

Patient Transfer Boards

Patient transfer is another persistent challenge associated with bariatric procedures. Meditek is proud to distribute the Samarit Rollbord, which has been clinically proven to reduce strain on caregivers and minimize the risk of occupational injury when working with overweight or obese patients. The Samarit Rollbord is anti-bacteriologic, easy to clean, and built specifically for use with bariatric patients.

Other Products

Meditek also sells patient restraint straps, pads, positioners, commodes, wheelchairs and many other bariatric hospital products. Follow the links below to browse our complete selection. You may also wish to speak with a sales representative directly if you cannot find what you are looking for. We even provide design and customization services that may be able to fulfill your need for specific bariatric hospital equipment.

Bariatric Design Services

Accommodating bariatric patients takes more than just the right products — the challenges associated with caring for obese patients often require design-based solutions. Creating workable spaces that can support the increased demands of bariatric procedures while still respecting the essential privacy and dignity of your patients is essential.

Meditek offers design and consultation services to any facility struggling with these issues. We can assess your current facility and suggest ways to make it more functional and accessible. For more information about any of our bariatric hospital products or services, contact a Meditek representative today.