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Biodex Surgical Tables

Meditek is proud to be a leading supplier of Biodex surgical tables to Canada’s hospitals and clinics. We offer cross-country sales and support through our network of local associates, including preventative maintenance to keep your investment working its best.

Innovative Operating Tables for Today’s Advanced Care Providers

Increasingly, more facilities are realizing the need for surgical tables that provide full C-arm support and other tools for completing image-guided procedures.

Specific tables are available for urology, cardiovascular, bariatric and other procedures. Not only do Biodex surgical tables increase access and patient comfort, but they also limit clinicians’ exposure to harmful radiation.

Biodex Surgical Tables at a Glance

Meditek carries a comprehensive line-up of Biodex surgical tables for hospitals and clinics specializing in image-guided procedures. Current offerings include:

  • 800: The Biodex 800 imaging table offers motorized control of height, X-Y, lateral roll and Trendelenburg functions. Specially designed for image-guided urology interventions, the 800 features a large radiolucent extension for increased accessibility.
  • 810: Designed for brachytherapy, the Biodex 810 makes seed implantation procedures simple and seamless. Pre-programmed functions and a Fowler back adjustable to 80 degrees allows for precise positioning during all stages of the procedure.
  • 820: With special extensions for supporting 3D imaging tools, the 820 Biodex operating table is an excellent choice for urological, thoracic, vascular and seed implantation procedures. The 820 can also accommodate bariatric patients, thanks to a 227 kilogram (500 pound) maximum load.
  • 840: Superior stability and access, as well as precise, vibration-free positioning, make the Biodex 840 surgical table ideal for cardiovascular interventions — particularly image-guided fluoroscopic procedures. Both contoured and rectangular table top designs are available to accommodate a range of different imaging tools.
  • 846: The 846 is an excellent Biodex operating table for hospitals seeking an affordable, general-purpose product. Handheld controls and a push-button release provide easy positioning, and an adjustable top improves patient comfort and stability.
  • 870: Use the Biodex 870 surgical table for pain management interventions. A large radiolucent work area features unobstructed C-Arm positioning to facilitate fluoroscopic visualization and similar procedures. It also improves accessibility for anesthesiologists and other team members.

Hybrid Operating Room Consulting

Meditek can provide consulting and project management services that will make your transition to a hybrid operating environment easy and cost-effective. In the past, we have helped clients such as Vancouver’s Richmond Hospital open new, 3D-integrated operating rooms.

With over 30 years of experience, we can also assist your facility with design, space planning, installation and more. Find out more about what we can do for you by speaking with your local Meditek representative today.