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Medstone Surgical Tables

Medstone surgical tables are built for hospitals where managing budgetary concerns and high patient throughput is critical. Since 1999, the company has been manufacturing value-oriented mobile tables specially designed for imaging and laparoscopic procedures.

Affordable Tables Made for Imaging

The move towards hybrid operating environments is one of the most significant shifts in medicine today. Moving forward, facilities that are not equipped to make this transition will be limited in the scope of services they can provide for their patients.

One of the biggest challenges to hybrid integration is the high cost involved in purchasing tables and other necessary equipment. Fortunately, Medstone products offer exceptional value and functionality at a low cost of ownership — perfectly positioning you to meet the challenges of the future. Medstone was one of the first operating table manufacturers to offer integrated C-arm support, and the company remains an excellent choice for any facility looking to purchase a mobile imaging table on a budget.

Features and Benefits

Medstone operating tables are more than just an economical choice. The company’s Elite line of products offers a number of advanced features that will simplify your workflow and improve patient comfort. Key features of a Medstone surgical table include:

  • A top designed for unobstructed 3D imaging, with 360 degree rotational support along the longitudinal access and a low-profile C-arm base for improved access
  • A carbon fibre top with a Visco high density memory foam layer for added patient cushioning and comfort
  • A motorized elevating lift with height adjustable between 78 and 110 centimetres (31 and 43 inches), and a rated capacity of up to 295 kilograms (650 pounds)

Medstone operating tables allow for both Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning, making them especially useful for bariatric and vascular procedures. For more information about the company’s complete line of tables, contact a Meditek representative today.

Save Money With a Remanufactured Medstone Operating Table

For hospitals looking to get the most of their budget, Meditek offers remanufacturing services for Medstone and other surgical tables. Our comprehensive remanufacturing process corrects problems such as table top drifting, slipping floor locks and broken controls.

If you have aging Medstone surgical tables that you’re considering replacing, get a quote for remanufacturing from us first. We also frequently sell used and repaired tables — view our inventory online or contact a representative in your area for assistance.

Sales and Service From Coast to Coast

From Vancouver to St. John’s, Meditek is available to provide sales and service for Medstone operating tables in hospitals and clinics across Canada. Call or email our office today to find your local representative. Learn more about how we can help you deliver the best possible standard of care for your patients.