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Midmark Surgical Tables

Since 1981, Meditek has been selling some of the world’s best operating tables to hospitals across the country. With convenient online ordering, consistently low prices, and a network of local representatives available to provide in-person support and assistance, there’s no better partner to Canada’s healthcare sector.

We specialize in matching our customers with the tools they need to improve patient care at a price that’s in line with today’s economic and budgetary realities. For hospitals, Midmark surgical tables have remained a popular seller for years, in part because of the superior value they offer at an affordable price point.

About Midmark Operating Tables

For hospitals and clinics looking for a surgical table that will deliver performance for years to come, Midmark is an excellent choice. Meditek sells the Midmark 7100, a battery-powered table ideal for general surgery and a number of specialized applications. Highly durable without sacrificing ease of use and positioning, Midmark surgical tables are designed with the needs of physicians and the budgets of hospitals in mind.

The Midmark 7100 has a number of features typically associated with more expensive tables, including:

  • Sturdy construction designed to provide accommodation for patients up to 227 kilograms (500 pounds)
  • 18 degree lateral tilt for improved accessibility; 28 degree Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning capability
  • Removable headrest and leg sections for easy storage when not in use and transport between operating theatres
  • A long-lasting rechargeable battery in addition to standard AC power
  • Electrically conducive table top cushions that provide superior comfort for patients
  • An automatic return-to-level feature

Midmark has a long history of delivering quality products for the medical, dental and veterinary sectors. The company’s 7100 series of surgical tables are an excellent choice for any hospital or clinic. To learn more or to have a local representative provide a quote for your facility, contact Meditek today.

Remanufactured Midmark Tables

In addition to selling and servicing Midmark operating tables for hospitals around the country, Meditek also offers remanufacturing services that add years of life to your existing beds. We can correct a number of problems common to aging tables, including sagging tops, leaking hydraulics and malfunctioning controls. All remanufactured Midmark tables come with a two year warranty covering all parts and labour.

Installation and Design Support

Whether you’re buying new or used, or remanufacturing your existing equipment, Meditek can provide the support you need to get the most from your surgical tables. We can deliver and set up your purchase, and ensure that it’s fully integrated with your existing imaging equipment and other tools. We even offer space planning and design consultations, where our experts will assess your workflow and identify ways to streamline and improve service delivery.

Find out more about our full list of services by contacting your local Meditek representative today.