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Steris Surgical Tables

A Steris surgical table is an excellent choice for a number of different clinical applications. As a trusted medical equipment supplier for the Canadian healthcare sector since 1981, MEDITEK offers competitive pricing and comprehensive support for all Steris tables. We provide nationwide sales and service for all products in our inventory. Contact a local sales representative for pricing and availability information.

Steris Operating Table Models

Steris 3080: The 3080 surgical table by Steris is an excellent choice for general surgery, paediatrics, orthopaedics and more. Suitable for patients up to 180 kg, the 3080 offers flexible positioning, remote control operation and other advanced features.

Steris 3085: The heavy-duty 3085 includes all the features of the 3080 Steris operating table but is built to support patients weighing up to 450 kg. Optional features include a radiolucent orthopaedic extension for fracture table conversion and bariatric width extenders for operating on obese patients.

Steris 4085: With C-Arm access and table top-slide, the Steris 4085 operating table is ideal for use in any operating room. Flexible positioning makes it an excellent choice for cardiothoracic, orthopedic, neurological and other surgeries with specific imaging requirements.

Steris 5085: One of the most advanced general surgery tables on the market today, the Steris 5085 features intuitive operation and precise controls to shave valuable seconds off critical procedure times.

Steris SurgiGraphic 6000: The Steris SurgiGraphic 6000 has been custom engineered for use in image-guided surgeries, including minimally invasive vascular, cardiothoracic and other fluoroscopic procedures. Sophisticated positioning abilities include any combination of lateral and longitudinal float, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, and height adjustment to provide a full 360-degree view of the patient.

Steris Orthovision: The Steris Orthovision offers a number of advantages that make it perfect for hip and lower extremity surgeries. Optional traction bow-block and skeletal block attachments further expand its working capacity for certain upper body procedures.

Installation Support

Contact Meditek for assistance with the installation and implementation of any new Steris operating room tables. Our team can assist with delivery, set up and testing at your location, ensuring you can take full advantage of the advanced features of your purchase. We specialize in hybrid OR environments and can work with you to implement sophisticated imaging solutions that improve the quality of care you offer your patients.

Meditek ReNew Remanufactured Tables

Buying a remanufactured Steris OR table — or having our team remanufacture one of your existing units — can save you thousands of dollars compared to buying new. We provide a number of important updates for Steris, Skytron and Amsco surgical tables that greatly expand their service life and functionality. Contact a Meditek representative today for more information.