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Meditek sells and services surgical imaging tables by Steris, Skytron, Medstone and more. We are pleased to offer products that make it easy to provide radiology-quality imaging in:

  • Vascular, orthopedic or similar minimally invasive procedures requiring fluoroscopy
  • Cardiovascular procedures requiring a catheter tray extension
  • Any procedure in which lateral/longitudinal float, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt or height adjustment positioning is required
  • 3-D imaging studies

We have carefully chosen a selection of products designed to offer value and utility in any application.

Given the demands of today’s healthcare sector, the move towards offering more integrated imaging and surgical services makes sense. Meditek gives you the tools you need to begin serving patients better today. We also back up everything we do with outstanding service, repair and maintenance support for as long as you own your purchase. Let us match you with the right combination of equipment for your particular organization.

Imaging Table Repairs and Service

Your purchase of an imaging surgical table is one that should provide reliable service for years to come. While most of our products require little in the way of regular maintenance, it is important to be certain that what is needed is done properly and according to schedule. Meditek provides warranty work, repairs and preventative maintenance for all imaging surgery tables by Steris, Skytron and other manufacturers. We can assess your needs and put together a schedule that ensures all of your tables, imaging tools and other equipment continue to deliver the performance you require of them.

Another benefit of purchasing a surgical imaging table from Meditek is our remanufacturing program. As your purchase ages, instead of replacing it, we can provide top-to-bottom restoration that returns it to like-new condition. You’ll save considerably over the cost of buying new, while still getting a quality table that can be counted on in any clinical situation.

Bringing Your Clinic Into the 21st Century

No matter what discipline of medicine your facility specializes in, today’s advanced imaging tools can help you work smarter, streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.

To best use the technology, however, imaging tools must be better integrated into the OR environment. In over 25 years of operation, Meditek has established itself as a Canadian leader in the hybrid operating environment. We were instrumental in helping healthcare providers such as New Westminster, BC’s Royal Columbian Hospital, Winnipeg’s Western Surgery Centre and other clinics select and install lighting, furniture and other tools to move towards a hybrid model of care.

With our expertise, your facility can also manage the move to the hybrid environment, no matter your budget. In addition to selling and servicing surgical imaging tables by some of today’s most advanced manufacturers, we also provide consulting services, training and installation support. For more information, call or email a Meditek representative in your area today.