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When it comes to the comfort of your patients, a well-designed surgical table pad can make all the difference. Unfortunately, with many Canadian healthcare facilities facing budget shortages, replacing older surgical pads is often less of a priority than other equipment. This is unfortunate, as a small investment in new cushions and mattresses not only improves patient comfort but also reduces the risk of pressure ulcers Meditek sells a variety of affordable, high-quality surgical pads designed to fit tables by some of today’s leading manufacturers. If you’re considering purchasing a new set of mattresses for your facility, let one of our team members assess your needs and choose the best product for you.

Surgical Table Cushion Options

MEDITEK manufactures complete mattress top sets as well as individual leg, head, body and other cushions. Follow the links below to view all products available for the make and model of your surgical table. Our surgical table cushions are available at two different price points:

  • Standard surgical table pads: Our standard cushion sets feature a supportive urethane core and an easy-to-clean, Lectrolite covering. These electrically-conducive cushions are designed to provide exceptional comfort on a budget while allowing team members to work without interference. Use them for shorter general surgical procedures or for patients at low risk of developing bedsores.
  • Premium Sof-Care Deluxe surgical table pads: Upgrade to our premium Sof-Care surgical pads for superior pressure management and improved positioning capabilities. Our premium surgical table cushions feature a unique three-layer design that includes a memory foam top layer, a pressure-absorbing middle layer and dense bottom that provides additional stability. These premium mattresses are covered in an electrically conductive four-way anti-stretch cover for additional durability, which also features welded fluid-resistant seams to prevent cross-contamination.
About Meditek

Since 1981, MEDITEK has been one of Canada’s leading suppliers of surgical table mattresses, cushions and other products. We offer sales and service to all major markets thanks to a nationwide network of representatives and technicians. In addition to surgical table pads, we also offer beds and stretchers, lighting and much more.

In recent years, we have emerged as a leading provider of hybrid OR integration services. Contact us for sales, repairs, remanufacturing, consulting and more.