QA4 Day Surgery Stretchers
QA4 Day Surgery Stretchers

QA4 Day Surgery Stretchers

QA4 Day Surgery Stretchers are patient transport stretchers with the features of operating tables. Contact us today for your quote.

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QA4 Day Surgery Stretchers – Manual 21310 – Powered 21300

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The QA4 Manual Day Surgery Stretchers have excellent maneuverability and easy-to-use hand operated functions, making it  a cost effective option: a patient transport stretcher with the features of an operating table.

With four remotely-activated powered functions, including a top slide platform, the QA4 Powered Day Surgery Stretchers offer full C-arm coverage and superior surgical access together with a 550 lbs. patient weight limit and exceptional stability.

  • Stretcher sides for patient comfort and safety Unique retractable steering mechanism engaged for maximum maneuverability.
  • Patient platform traversed to head end for access
  • Ophthalmic head rest section
  • Patient platform traversed to foot end for access
  • Leg section removed for access Head section removed for anesthetist access Optional powered leg supports
  • Patient platform traversed to foot end for access
  • Optional arthroscopy backrest
  • Patient positioned on standard articulating head section
  • Stretcher sides for patient comfort and safety
  • Unique retractable steering mechanism engaged for maximum maneuverability


TypeDay Surgery System Manual Stretcher 21310Powered Day Surgery System Stretcher 21300
Height (MIN)22.75”23.75”
Height (MAX) 36.75”39.5”
Mattress Length80.25”80.25”
Stretcher Length82.75”82.75”
Mattress Width23.5”23.5”
Stretcher Width (With Side Rails)25.75”25.75”
Stretcher Width (With Sides)30.25”30.25”
Stretcher Width (Brakes Off) 32.75”32.75”
Base Length41.5”46.75”
Mattress Depth3”3”
Trendelenburg 20°20°
Reverse Trendelenburg 12°12°
Backrest Articulation 0°-80°0°-65°
Head Section Articulation +30°/-30°+30°/-30°
Lateral Tilt +12°/12°
Head End Top Slide 9”
Foot End Top Slide9”
Weight Limits350 lbs.550 lbs.
Stretcher Weight275 lbs.350 lbs.