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Gel Pads and Positioners

MEDITEK’s Relaxa Gel positioners and pads represent an affordable, sophisticated solution to the common problem of patients developing bedsores or other injuries while in treatment. The result of countless hours of research and development, Relaxa Gel pads deliver superior patient positioning while minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, with a limited lifetime warranty, the Relaxa Gel product line is a long-term investment for any facility.

Features and Benefits
  • All Relaxa Gel pads are 100% latex-free, eliminating the risk of allergic reaction or irritation.
  • For additional patient comfort and other therapeutic benefits, Relaxa Gel pads can be heated or cooled.
  • Designed to be leak and tear-resistant, Relaxa Gel cushions and pads will deliver a lifetime of reliable use.
  • Relaxa Gel products won’t absorb odours or fluids, making them easy to clean and fully reusable.
  • A single Relaxa gel pad, used again and again, is more cost-effective than buying disposable pads. They also offer superior comfort for your patients.
  • Limited lifetime warranty included.

We feature a comprehensive line of Relaxa Gel to meet the needs of nearly any medical clinic or hospital. Find out more about the benefits of Relaxa Gel positioners and pads by contacting a Meditek representative today or browse our online catalogue to find the product that’s right for you.

Select Product Offerings
  • Relaxa Gel table pads provide comfort across the length of the operating surface. We have full, ¾, cut-out and multi-part sets available.
  • Relaxa Gel sandbags come in round and rectangular shapes. In addition, you can choose from several sizes and weights, from 0.5 kg to 6 kg, to serve a wide range of different needs.
  • Relaxa Gel positioner pads include crutch knee pads, donut and horseshoe head pads, stirrup and ankle strap foot and heel pads, toboggan-style and contoured arm pads and more. This wide variety of unique shapes is designed to support different body areas during surgery and examination.
  • Relaxa Gel bariatric pads & positioners offer additional support for overweight or obese patients during surgery. Lap belts and knee crutch pads come in various sizes to accommodate several different clinical uses.
  • In addition, we feature a large selection of miscellaneous gel pads, including products designed for pediatric use. We also sell an easy-to-use patch repair kit that lets you fix any cuts, punctures or cracks without the hassle of having to send your pad in for warranty service.
  • For facilities with highly specialized needs, we can design custom gel table pads and positioners.
Innovative Solutions Since 1981

The Relaxa Gel pads and positioners are part of the many products MEDITEK offers to healthcare teams across Canada. Find out more about the solutions that we can provide by contacting us today.