Relaxa Gel Table Pads

Relaxa Gel Table Pads

Relaxa Gel Table Pads consist of a fine polymer gel that will not run even if punctured. Contact us today for your quote.

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When you purchase Relaxa Gel table pads, we make you comfortable in many ways.

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Used by hundreds of Hospitals and Clinics around North America, Relaxa Gel table pads and positioners are the high-quality gel you need.

We believe in our gel so much that we stand behind it with a guarantee that no one will match.

Some of the benefits of using Meditek’s Relaxa Gel table pads and positioners are:

  • Latex-Free for patient and medical provider safety.
  • Leakproof – even if punctured.  Our advanced polymer gel does not run. This eliminates any worry about using them. And, as a result, these pads are extremely long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean – for your safety and convenience, our products are impervious to body fluids, microbiological growth and odours.  Our products can be easily wiped down and disinfected with any hospital-approved disinfectant.
  • Cost-Effective – because of our advanced manufacturing methods, we are able to offer this high-quality gel to you at prices that easily fit within your budget.
  • Reduce shear
  • Will not bottom out
  • Plasticizer free
  • Can be heated
  • Can be cooled
  • X-Ray Translucent
  • Repairable
  • Reusable
  • Radiolucent

The use of correct and comfortable positioning devices reduces patient pressure sores or injury.

Guarantee. Utilizing Relaxa Gel is the way to eliminate this large problem that still persists in today’s healthcare environment.

Carefully developed over time, Relaxa Gel comes to you as a superior product that consists of a fine polymer gel that will not run even if punctured.

It isn’t easy to find products in today’s market which can be purchased with a lifetime warranty, not so with Relaxa Gel. We are so confident in our product that we provide a lifetime warranty on every Relaxa product we ship!

These superior products are the only place to turn when looking for devices to better position patients and still achieve optimum comfort to avoid skin or tissue damage during procedures.


Product NumberDescriptionDimensionsProduct Picture
470-0920-0001RG-1000-T: 3-piece Table Pad Set3-piece Table Pad Set
470-0920-0002RG-1001-T: Head Section Table Pad 20" x 9" x ½"Head Section Table Pad
470-0920-0003RG-1002-T: Body Section Table Pad 39½" x 20" x ½"Body Section Table Pad
470-0920-0004RG-1003-T: Foot Section Table Pad with Cutout 20" x 20" x ½"Foot Section Table Pad with Cutout
470-0920-0005RG-1005-T: Full Table Pad 72" x 20" x ½"Full Table Pad
470-0920-0006RG-1006-T: ¾ Table Pad with Cutout 39½" x 20" x ½"Table Pad with Cutout
470-0920-0007RG-1007-T: Relaxa Gel ¾ Table Pad with Cutout
46" x 20" x ½"Relaxa Gel ¾ Table Pad with Cutout
470-0920-0008RG-1008-T: ¾ Table Pad 46" x 20" x ½"¾ Table Pad
470-0920-0009RG-1009-T: Foot Section Table Pad 20" x 20" x ½"Foot Section Table Pad
470-0920-0010RG-1010-T: Bean Bag Table Pad 28" x 36" x ½" with 8"w x 9"d x 4" cutoutBean Bag Table Pad
470-0920-0011RG-1011-T: OSI Allegro Vascular Table PadOSI Allegro Vascular Table Pad
470-0920-0012RG-1012-T: Peg Board Table Pad 32" x 20" x ½"Peg Board Table Pad
470-0920-0013RG-1013-T: Hill-Rom Pediatric Warming Table PadHill-Rom Pediatric Warming Table Pad