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Skytron GS70 Salus – Smart Operating Table

Meet the first generation of smart operating tables from Skytron. The GS70 Salus was designed with O.R. safety in mind. Get your quote today!

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GS70 Salus Smart Operating Table

The GS70 Salus premier surgical table was designed with patient and staff safety in mind. The GS70 offers unique and advanced smart features which will keep any OR informed and safe. Named for Salus, the Roman goddess of safety and well-being, the GS70 Salus is the first of the Guardian Series surgical tables from Skytron. Be more informed and aware before, during and, after surgery.

GS70 Operating Table



The GS70 Salus surgical table is designed to support great communication.

  • Easily set Surgeon preferences with custom articulation limits
  • Improve patient safety with a verbal alert when positioning may create a tipping hazard
  • Increase safety with intelligent accessories that reduce collisions
  • Achieve perfect patient positioning with visual articulation graphics (Trendelenburg, Tilt)
  • Support best practices and continuous improvement with patient position timers
  • Immediate warning for table notifications are clearly described on the table touch screen
  • Support research and continuous improvement using captured performance data

GS70 Smart accessory attachment


Smart accessory attachment

  • Automatically adjusts articulation parameters
  • Recognizes select accessory engagement

Surgical and Imaging Access

  • Industry-leading table slide and articulation

Exceptional patient positioning options

  • High articulating weight limits with industry-leading top slide

Tremendous flexibility and versatility to support any general OR procedure

  • Powered split-leg
  • Removable head, back, and leg sections
  • One-touch beach chair articulation
  • Wired and wireless pendant control
  • Full offering of accessories

GS70 Pendant Control


One-Touch Pendant Control:

  • Large colour screen
  • Up to 5 programmable customer positions
  • Recessed buttons prevent accidental activation with lockout mode
  • Go from wired to wireless by simply unplugging your pendant control
  • Position timers provide critical information
  • Backlit control for high visibility in low lighting
  • Reverse or standard orientation modes
  • Individual buttons for each split leg to move together or independently

GS70 Smart OR table


Operating Table Features:

  • Program up to five user-defined positions
  • New accessory connections ensure a solid and secure connection between the accessory and the table
  • 26” top slide
  • 10” slide toward head and 16 ½” slide toward foot
  • 1,000 lb lift and 800 lb articulation weight capacity
  • One-touch setting for beach chair and flex
  • Durable stainless steel base is easy to clean
  • 35° lateral tilt
  • 40° Trendelenburg and 30° reverse Trendelenburg
  • Adjustable table height GS70 20 ½” to 39 ½” – GS70H 23” to 41 ½

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