Skytron 3602 Ultraslide Surgical Table

Skytron 3602 Ultraslide Surgical Table

Need more top slide space? The 3602 Ultraslide Surgical Table from Skytron boasts the most top slide available on today's market at 23″…1.800.567.8400…

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The 3602 Ultraslide Surgical Table permits full body imaging at the click of a button

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Meditek is proud to offer the new 3602 Ultraslide Surgical Table, a culmination of years of innovations and improvements resulting in its current cost of ownership at only $750 a year (the lowest in the industry) .

The 3602 UltraSlide surgical table boasts the most top slide available in today’s market at 23″.

With 23 inches of top slide, the patient can be effortlessly moved throughout the imaging window at the simple command of the hand-held control.

The low-profile base will not get in the way of movable imaging equipment and the low table height can accommodate seated surgeons.

With its impressive 1,000 lb. lift capacity, this table is also an ideal solution for bariatric cases.

Technological Improvements:
  • New anti-corrosion brake cylinders utilizing new materials and better design
  • Improvements to the internal electric components including new self-resetting technology that provides thermal protection to actuation solenoids reducing potential damage or service needs
  • New and improved Emergency Stop Switch that disconnects power immediately in the event of an emergency
  • Better fluid ingress protection
  • Better trouble shooting light indicators

All of these improvements mean that the 3602 Ultraslide Surgical Table has increased product reliability, better patient safety features and continues to improve on our already best in class lowest total cost of ownership.


Longitudinal top
23 inch (585mm)
Length w/o head rest69 inch (1750mm)
Length with head rest 82 inch (2080mm)
Width 19½ inch (500mm)
Width with side rails 22 inch (560mm)
Height24-42½ inch (610-1080mm)
Lateral tilt (left/right)30°
Trendelenburg 30°
Reverse Trendelenburg 30°
Power Kidney Bridge 5¾ inch (145mm) Lift
Back up/down 90°/40°
Leg down 15°/100°
Top slide/head 9½ inch (240 mm)
Top slide/foot 13½ inch (340 mm)
Flex/Reflex 40°/90°
Base braking (lock/unlock)
Beach ChairYes
Head Section 60° up / 90° down
Weight of
operating table
800 lb. (365kg)
permissible load:
1000 lb. (455kg) Lift
800 lb. (365kg) Articulation
Return to level Yes
Skytron Part Number3602