Skytron 5001 General Surgical Table

Skytron 5001 General Surgical Table

In the design of the Skytron 5001 General Surgical Table, quality, flexibility, optimum features for any general surgical table, are prominently displayed..

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The Skytron 5001 General Surgical Table is an extremely versatile general purpose table

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In the design of the Skytron 5001 General Surgical Table, quality and flexibility, optimum features for any general surgical table, are prominently displayed.

As a platform for delicate surgical procedures, they offer the surgeon, the anesthetists, and the hospital a much improved standard stability, posturing control and reliability.

An automatic, hydraulic, locking system assures absolute table top rigidity in virtually any posturing configuration. This unique design feature eliminates many instabilities generally associated with surgical tables. The compact push button control unit, with its flexible coiled-power cord, frees the anesthetist from more typical “head-end” control position. Smooth, quiet, electro-hydraulic action provides effortless articulation, controllable from a position of choice that best accommodates a surgical procedure, and the surgeon.

Skytron surgical tables feature radio translucent tops for image intensification purposes. A unique 180″ top rotation feature maximizes patient positioning latitude by allowing image intensification access without regard to table orientation in the operating room.

  • The unique “splitleg” Elite/5000 features independent manual positioning of the foot/leg sections.
  • The positioning adjustment controls ore located at the attachment point of each foot/leg section.
  • The elevation adjustment trigger shown, allows each foot/leg section to be lowered separately to positions of equal or varied heights, in ’15 degree increments.
  • Two turns of the lateral adjustment handle shown, unlocks its appropriate foot/leg section to allow more than 90 degrees of lateral positioning range. in 15 degree increments.
  • Continued rotation of the handle will allow the foot/leg section to be totally removed from the table.


Did you know?

Our remanufacturing process can save you thousands in capital expenses.

In the health care materiel management field, especially with today’s emphasis on cost restraint, buying a brand-new surgical table every time an existing table wears out or breaks down does not make good  economical sense.

Remanufacturing offers a sensible alternative that achieves significant cost savings while providing a peak level of quality and performance to the clinical staff and the patient in the OR.

remanufacturing surgical tables

Length65 in. 1665 mm
Length (with head rest)75 in. 1920 mm
Width20 in. 512 mm
Width (with side rails)21¾ in. 557 mm
Weight of operating table810 lbs. 368 kg
Max. permissible load (Lift)400 lbs. 182 kg
Max. permissible load (Articulation)400 lbs. 182 kg
Height28 - 45 in. 717 - 1152 mm
Lateral tilt (left/right)30°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend30°/30°
Back up/down90°/30°
Leg down110°
Top rotation180°
Skytron Part Number5001 Elite