Skytron 6302 Elite Surgical Table

Skytron 6302 Elite Surgical Table

Need your surgical table top to rotate while the base doesn’t move? Skytron’s 6302 Elite Surgical Table rotates 210 degrees, giving you maximum imaging…

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Unlike other top rotation tables available in today’s market, the 6302 Elite Surgical Table surface turns independently of the table base, giving you maximum foot room and imaging access

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The 6302 Elite Surgical Table provides up to 210° top rotation, allowing you to easily maneuver your patient according to imaging requirements, anesthesia access and positioning preferences.

This rotation eliminates the need to reverse the patient on the table, thereby improving patient and staff safety in the OR.

The impressive 1,000 lb. lift capacity makes the 6302 an ideal solution for bariatric cases.

Skytron’s 6302 Elite Surgical Table is designed to deliver optimum value, versatility and reliability. From its powerful 1,000 lb. lift and 600 lb. articulation capacity to its full body imaging capability and enhanced C-Arm access, the Elite 6302 improves workflows, efficiency and patient safety for general purpose and most specialty procedures, while optimizing O.R. start times and throughput.

Skytron surgical tables have the highest clinical satisfaction ratings for performance, reliability, serviceability and lowest cost of ownership. The Elite 6302 provides versatile table functions for today’s most demanding procedures, including automatic return-to-level and beach chair position.

The Elite 6302 surgical table’s 210° rotating top provides uncommon positioning flexibility for all general purpose and most specialty procedures, providing greater imaging windows and patient to table orientation which is always correct with respect to the table and pendant control.


Length w/o head rest 65 inch 1650mm
Length with head rest 78 inch 1980mm
Width (back / seat plate)
19-3/4 inch 500mm
Width with side rails 21-7/8 inch 555mm
Height 25 to 39-3/4 inch 634-1012mm
Lateral tilt (left/right) 30°
Trendelenburg 30°
Reverse Trendelenburg 30°
Back up/down 90°/40°
Leg up/down 20°/100°
Return to level Yes
Beach ChairYes
Flex/Reflex 40°/90°
Base braking (lock/unlock)
Manual Kidney Bridge 4.0 inch Lift 100mm Lift
Top Rotation 210°
Head Section 60° up/90° down
Weight of operating table700 lbs. 318kg
Max. permissible load1000 lbs. (450kg) Lift
600 lbs. (270kg) Articulation
Skytron Part Number6302