Skytron 6701 General Surgical Table

Skytron 6701 General Surgical Table

The Skytron 6701 general surgical table represents the new standard in design & performance, unmatched imaging flexibility. Contact us for a quote today.

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The Skytron 6701 General Surgical Table has some of the highest clinical satisfaction ratings for performance, reliability, serviceability and lowest cost of ownership

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The Skytron 6701 General Surgical Table represents the new standard in 21st Century Surgical Table design and performance, with unmatched imaging flexibility and even greater lift and articulation power.  It’s an excellent bariatric surgical table, which can be outfitted with table side extensions to widen it by up to 16″.

Features include:

  • 1,200 lb. lift
  • 1,000 lb. articulation capacity
  • removable back and leg sections (with optional carbon fiber back/leg section)
  • 210° top rotation
  • 23” low table height
  • Auto Beach Chair position
  • 30° tilt, Trendelenburg
  • reverse Trendelenburg and more!

From ease of set-up to the reduced need for multiple support accessories, the Skytron 6701 General Surgical Table is the most powerful, versatile and image-friendly surgical table available.  With it’s 1,200 lb lift capacity, it is the operating table of choice for bariatric surgery.


Length65.5 in. 1665 mm
Length (with head rest)79 in. 2010 mm
Width19.75 in. 500 mm
Width (with side rails)22 in. 560 mm
Weight of operating table900 lbs. 410 kg
Max. permissible load (Lift)1,200 lbs. 545 kg
Max. permissible load (Articulation)1,000 lbs. 455 kg
Top rotation210°
Manual Kidney Bridge Lift
Height23 - 41 in. 584 - 1040 mm
Lateral tilt (left/right)30°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend30°/30°
Power Kidney Bridge6 in. 150 mm
Back up/down90°/40°
Leg up/down20°/100°
Base braking (lock/unlock)Yes
Beach ChairYes
Return to levelYes
Skytron Part Number6701