Gold Tranfer Boards

Gold Transfer Boards

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The Soft Gold Transfer Boards

Lateral Transfer and Infection Control come together to create a Positive Patient Experience!

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Lateral transfer without lifting

No lifting is required, staff back injuries are reduced. The result can be saved on both worker’s compensation and insurance.

Lateral transfer without noise

Patients are not disturbed, annoyed or frightened by noise associated with airflow systems.

Priced well below other technologies

You can purchase a Gold Rollboard for every room in your facility at a fraction of the cost of mechanical devices and airflow mattresses.

The patient rides on a soft surface

The patient is comfortable with far less risk of skin tears, injury, bruising and agitation associated with transfers on slide sheets and plastic boards.



Transfer Patients in 3 Easy Steps

Turn the patient onto the side, slide the board under the body and return the patient to the original position.Gently push the patient at the shoulder and hip, without applying force, and transfer.Turn the patient onto the side. Remove the Rollbord starting at the feet.


Meditek transfer boards remove the need to lift when performing patient transfers. Our transfer boards are manufactured and designed so that staff do not have to use extra effort, which makes their job easier and safer.

  • Heat-Sealed Cover
  • Smooth, Anti-Microbial Handles
  • Anti-Static cover
  • It can also be used in Fowler positions
  • Molded plastic handles
  • Heavy duty use
  • MRI Compatible
  • Anti-Microbial Core
  • Anti-Microbial Cover
  • Warranty