Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are essential to patient transport and comfort. Investing in quality beds can not only improve patient comfort and outcomes, it also can make it easier for your staff to do their job and deliver the best care possible. Meditek is a leading national provider of hospital beds for Canadian healthcare facilities. We carry several new models as well as used and refurbished units. You can match you with the right product for your budget. Read on to learn more or contact a sales representative in your area for assistance.

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Multicare Hospital Bed

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New Hospital Beds for Sale

Meditek is proud to carry some of the best new hospital beds on the market today. Popular products include:

  • Multicare critical care beds: Multicare hospital beds combine outstanding quality with advanced features that make them ideal for use in critical care environments. Multicare beds are designed to minimize risks when dealing with high acuity patients. Key features include a proprietary platform for delivering continuous lateral therapy via the bed frame, Ergoframe® technology for reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and an easy-to-use LCD touch panel control system. Safety is provided by a minimum gap side rail design, bed exit alarm and intelligent braking feature.
  • Eleganza 3 acute care hospital beds: Eleganza 3 hospital beds have been designed to increase safety and expedite convalescence for patients in intensive care. Responsive, intuitive controls make patient positioning simple. Joint-free column construction allows each unit to be quickly and effectively sterilized to prevent infection. To make your nurses’ work easier, Eleganza 3 hospitals beds are lightweight, transportable and fully functional at loads up to 250 kg.

Remanufactured Hospital Beds

In addition to our carefully curated selection of new hospital beds for sale, we also offer in-house re-manufacturing. We can rebuild your existing beds, adding years of additional life to them. We also frequently have remanufactured hospital beds for sale that can save you considerably compared to the cost of buying new.

Either way, you’ll benefit from our advanced remanufacturing capabilities. All hospital beds undergo a thorough inspection, identifying and correcting concerns such as slipping controls, sagging frames and more. We can also add engineering upgrades that allow your bed to integrate more easily with current-generation imaging and diagnostic technology. Meditek is fully registered with Health Canada as a medical device remanufacturer. All remanufactured hospital beds are covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty on all components.

We Provide the Products That Drive Canada’s Healthcare Sector

You have the team and the talent. We have the equipment to help them work more effectively. From coast to coast, Meditek is supplying and servicing the beds that keep Canada’s leading healthcare clinics running their best. We have sales reps in all major markets who can provide on-site assistance and estimates. To locate a team member in your area, contact our head office today.