Medstone TM-5 Imaging Surgical Table

Medstone TM-5 Imaging Surgical Table

The Medstone TM-5 Imaging Surgical Table is designed for high patient throughput, utilizing the highest quality components and designed for ease of use…

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Medstone TM-5 Imaging Surgical Table –  Pain Management & Vascular

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The Medstone TM-5 Imaging Surgical Table is designed for high patient throughput, utilizing the highest quality components and designed for ease of use by the medical staff, with patient comfort in mind.

The table top has been designed to give maximum unobstructed Imaging, allowing 360º rotation radiation free coverage around the longitudinal axis of the carbon fibre table-top which makes it ideal for 3D imaging studies.

The table-top pad is also designed to give the patient maximum comfort being manufactured utilizing our patient form fitting Visco/Memory “Sofcare” High Density foam.

The Medstone TM-5 Imaging Surgical Table comes with 2″ Cushions, Handcontrol, Headrest and Power cord.


  • 150 mm (58”) Full 360º Unencumbered Rotational Imaging
  • Smooth starts and stops programmed into all motorized movements
  • Low profile base for C-Arm clearance
  • 3 patient restraint straps
  • Wired hand control
  • Carbon fiber tabletop: 22”W x 82”L with narrow head profile and chamfered edges with narrow head profile
  • Facial access cutout and chambered edges
  • 58” of unobstructed metal free imaging length


300mm Lift StandardMaximum43”
Motorized Longitudinal Table-top Travel15.75”
Motorized Lateral Table-top Tilt+–15º
Motorized Trendelenburg Tilt+–15º
Motorized Lateral Table-top Travel+–4”
Patient Weight Capacity (Distributed)500 lbs.
Table Weight (Approximate)650 lbs.
Carbon Fiber Table-top 22”wide x 82”
long, with Facial access cutout
Un-obstructed Table-top Imaging Area58”