Inivos Ultra-V - UV-C Light

Inivos Ultra-V™ UV-C System

Inivos Ultra-V™ is a UV-C light decontamination device. It emits light specifically at the wavelength 254nm through 10 powerful lamps.

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Ultra-V™ UV-C System

Prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms and combat COVID-19 with Inivos Ultra-V™ UV-C  decontamination system.

UV-C light has been proven to kill vegetative bacteria by destroying the nucleic acid in DNA.

Inivos Ultra-V - UV-C Light

How does Ultra V™ work?

The ‘Spectromes’ Sensors are placed around any healthcare environment to monitor the decontamination process and control the amount of UV-C light necessary for effective decontamination.

Ultra-V™ UV-C light decontamination device emits light specifically at the wavelength of 254nm through 10 powerful lamps.

The Ultra-V™ system generates an automatic electronic report after every decontamination process. This enables the user to monitor the decontamination process, implement any improvements in the programme, and track the overall device usage.

Inivos Ultra V - UV-C Light


Efficient, Simple and Effective

Compared to other decontamination devices, Ultra-V™ is more time-efficient as decontamination can be done in less than an hour. The technology is simple to use, and any healthcare staff can be trained to perform decontamination with Ultra-V™.

Multiple case studies have proven that Ultra-V™ is an effective decontamination method to prevent microorganism transmission and reduce outbreak rates.

Inivos Ultra-V - UV-C Light


Watch the Ultra-V Training Video:

Ultra-V in action:

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If you are looking for UV-C disinfection solutions for your facility or want help selecting the best UV disinfection system, contact us or browse our products online. We can help you select your new UV-C light decontamination device and ensure you have the correct procedure in place for the job.